Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Self love?

So, I've been thinkin' a lot about this whole blogosphere, twitter business. Don'tcha think it's narcissism at it's finest? I mean really! Talk about self love! Virtually conversing with, well, nobody, and yet everybody at the same time.
But, you know, self love is good, I think, to some extent! It's gotta be a whole lot better than self loathing, right? In all seriousness, I do find it quite funny that I sit here and write these posts to no one in particular, just writing them, 'cuz I like to hear myself talk. Well, you know, not talk but write, or somethin'! And I also think it's funny that virtually none of my close friends or family know of my blog. I can count them on one hand...my bestie Tara (a marketing phenom), Mr. Wonderful (of course), my mama, and my baby bro, oh, and my oldest two kiddos know, too! Ooops, I guess that'd be two hands I'd need to count them on...but anywho...I sit here blogging then, to whom? I don't know, as I read on a different blog, I guess I'm blogging to "creepy internet strangers"! I myself would be a creepy internet stranger, 'cuz I bloghop like there's no tomorrow--it's like crack to me! I love reading about people's lives, and I guess that's why I blog myself!
Thanks for partaking in my self love!

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  1. You sit here blogging to us... your blogging friends! We all sit here with a cup of coffee or tea and share in each other's lives! Would you believe my new neighbor and I rarely "talk" but chat on Facebook all the time???? LOL I guess its the way technology and our generation communicate! So keep up the self luv sista! ;)



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