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Okay, I have a confession to make...are you ready?

Please don't think I am a materialistic, vainish person...well, okay, maybe I am, but please don't pass harsh judgement on me. Please?

Here it is: I hate used stuff!

Oh, that feels better. So, there it is, in bold black and white, I can't stand it!

Hand-me downs, used clothing stores, and, egads!!, garage sales...they make my skin crawl.

I know, I know, just wash 'em right? I don't know what it is, I Just. Can't. Do. It!

Please forgive me, I try not to be so snotty, I just can't help it! I can feel my blood pressure rise and the hairs on my neck start to stand up when ever I'm around used stuff, it gives me the shivers!

Ever read the book "Hand Me Down"? Can't remember the author, but it is a great read, maybe, possibly, perhaps 'cuz I related to the poor "hand me down" challenged heroine? Anyway, check it's a great, fluffy, mindless read!

But, I digress...back to my, um, issue. So, if you are wondering, yes, my children wear hand me downs, from each other. If it started in my family, then I'm a-okay with it, actually, I think it's rather cute to see outfits on Tiny Girl that the Lovely Miss E. used to wear.

Other people have given me used stuff, and I flat out refuse it. Gagging, shuddering, shivering, and backing away, holding my arms out saying, "no, no, nooooo!!!"

Oh, who am I kidding? I'm such a wimp, I'd be afraid to hurt someone's feelings if I refused it, so I graciously begrudgingly accept it, but they'd never know 'cuz I'm all "Oh, thank you sooo much! This is great" while I carry it out held between two fingers, arm outstretched, as if I can't get it far enough away from is used, after all!

Then it just sits, until I pass it to someone else.

Let me clarify, tho', if you will. I will (graciously) accept used items that are especially cute (dresses, coats) and in very good condition (i.e hardly worn, and by "hardly worn", I mean with tags still on--just kidding!! Okay, well maybe I'm not!).

But, I must wash them first, and absolutely no shoes!!!

And, this leads me to believe why I never pass my used goods on...I mean, if I don't want your grimy, used goods, why would you want mine?

Tit for tat, or somethin' right?

So, our stuff gets boxed up, with intentions for Goodwill, only to sit in the garage 'til the dog gets 'em and then we need to toss 'em.

Here's how I plan to reconcile this, problem of mine. I will make a promise to you (and who better to make a promise to than someone you don't know or see? My blog friends, virtual existence...virtual promise!!), my promise will be that I will make a greater effort to donate my (*insert goosebumps and shivers here*) used stuff to charity, perhaps that will offset my materialisticness...or somethin'?



  1. LOL i soooo can relate... although when clothes come from a friend who i know is just as much a germaphob as I am.... I tend to overlook it.. after all, her stuff is gymbo and TCP and Hannah Anderson after all! LOL Good luck with your "materialisticness" :)

  2. I am the same way and I always feel guilty for it. I just can't do it. I usually refuse them kindly by saying, "Thanks, but we are so blessed and our kids have plenty I rather you give it to someone who really needs it." That usually works and is pretty true too! I just found your blog through MckMama's! Hope you don't mind me stopping by. ;)


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