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Not Me! Monday

I've never looked so forward to Mondays before! But ever since finding MckMama's blog and learning about Not Me! Mondays, I've come to find that Mondays are pretty darn entertaining! Well, okay, so last Monday was my first NMM experience, but man, did I enjoy myself! So I'm back, for my sophomore we go!

I have a slight shoe fetish, and I enjoy shopping for shoes like I enjoy breathing. Shoes give me life, particularily bold colored flats. While shopping for said flats with my totally awesome mother, I was admiring my beautifully shod feet, but couldn't quite get the complete look with my jeans on. So I rolled them up and bit, and egads!!, there on my knee was my worst nightmare...a woodtick. So, I kinda freaked out, yelling getitoffGETITOFFGETITOFF calmly asked my mom to please remove it for me. What kind of grown adult freezes when facing a woodtick? Not Me!

So, I'm a nurse, I mean, you know, besides being a mom. Earlier in the week I came down with a little bug, sneezy, stuffy nose, headache, and guess what? Yup, thought it was the swine flu. Not that I've ever known a nurse to be a hypochondriac or anything, that would be absurd. I would never think I've got the latest pandemic, nope, Not Me!

I was bloghopping the other day, when I came across a site that had a name very similar (i.e. identical) to the name of my blog, which was formerly known as mymamalogue. Perusing said site, I found that this lady had TRADEMARKED this name! Yikes! I mean, how could I not know this?! Being the calm, rational person I am I began imagining trials, lawyer fees, spending the rest of my life in jail, never seeing my kids again just changed my blog to reflect my awesome kiddos, and "fivecrookedhalos" was born. I would never think about reacting to a situation with anything but calm clearheadedness...ha! ha!! Yeah, right...Not Me!!

So, with this new found hobby of blogging and bloghopping, I have a confession to make. Or would it be an admittance? (is that a word?) Here goes, I am a MckMamaholic. There it is, in black and white. The first step in an addiction is admitting it, or something, right? Well, there it is, for all the world to see. I relate to MckMama, and I think (or I'd like to think) that, perhaps, she's making me a better mom. For example, reading her post about cranberry couscous got me to thinking that maybe I should start feeding my kids more healthy foods. However, when said kids saw the photo of said couscous they all said "Yuck, what is that?" To which I responded, "Aw, come on guys, it looks good! Big Mac and Mcknugget eat it...all you guys ever want are Big Macs and Mcknuggets!". Is there any help for my addiction? Do I even want it? Not a chance...Not Me!

In reference to above addiction, I use my hubby's company laptop (he's self-employed). Well, this happens to be his busy season, so he is in need of his computer more so lately than before (ah, it's just work!). Story goes that the other morning he had his laptop all packed up and ready to go. It happened to be laying on the livingroom floor, just minding it's own business, like laptops usually do. Since it wasn't, you know, bothering, anybody, I just innocently failed to mention to my hubby that, perhaps, he needed his laptop before he left for the day. What kind of wife would knowingly withhold that? Certainly Not Me!

Well, there it is! Happy Not Me! Monday, my fellow MckMamaholics! Have a fantastic week!


  1. I like the five crooked halos - so cute! I always get traffic to my blog from people trying to figure out how to use the "temporary insanity" plea in their court case. haha

  2. The tick story is hilarious! I love your story about the laptop too! Have a great day!

  3. I would have freaked about the tick too. lol.
    Great "not me" choices! :)

  4. Okay that last confession has me rolling on the floor. Mostly because I have done that before - before I got my own laptop before. I to am NOT a MckMamaholic. I am so NOT in love with her blog and cute kiddos!!

  5. LOL oh my! Nice to meet you "MOM OF 5" as well! I'll be coming to you for advice before Long I'm sure! Thanks for your comments on my blog, i to am addicted to MCKmamma and all her fun charged kiddos! I also love to read everyone else's blogs to, and find myself to be quite the blog stalker! So can I "friend" you as well???? LOL

    Hugs and have your BEST day ever!


  6. We're all MckMamaholics! lol Also known as her wolverines! Welcome to the club and Happy Not Me! Monday!!

  7. I would have so been the same about the woodtick!


  8. Hilarious, I think we should all start a MckMamaholics group.

  9. Ugh... I hate ticks!!! I am a MckMamaholic too! :)

  10. Love the tick story. Thanks for sharing. McMamma likes to call us wolverines.


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