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Well-Checks, Shots and Bumps...OH MY!

Last week my sweet babe had a (well over due) well-child check up. If there's one thing I hate, it's taking my healthy kids to the clinic in the middle of the cold and flu season, so I avoid it at all costs.

Well, you all know how utterly crappy 2011 was for us, and a well-child check up for a kiddo I had no concerns about did not rank on my list of "MUST DO'S", her 3 year check up wasn't. I love that our pediatrician is totally understanding...basically she told me this wasn't my first rodeo, and she knows that if I have concerns, I'll bring our kids in.

Our clinic always asks the "safety" question ("are you abused", but nicer than that), but this was the first time I remember the nurse directly asking the kiddo. She said to Baby Girl, "Does anyone hurt you or make you feel scared?"

Baby Girl glanced at me like, "Duh." and responded, "Yeah!"

The nurse, looking suprised said, "Oh...who hurts you?"

Baby Girl again looked at me (while I was thinking, "hmmmmm...this is an interesting development") with a look like, "seriously?" then replied, "Dubya!!"

"Who's Dubya?" the nurse asked, with a little grin on her face.

"My brother." Baby Girl responded, which made the nurse laugh, respond, "That's what I thought!" and chuckle her way out the door.

Then the doc came in, we chatted and she and Baby Girl chatted and I brought up my only concern...a little lump on Baby's leg that felt "lymphnode-ish" to me. Dr. D felt it, reassured me that "as far as lumps go, it feels okay" but said she didn't like "not knowing what lumps and bumps are, so let's check it out" and ordered an ultrasound of her leg. (No results yet...which I'm taking to mean is all okay.)

We discussed her needed immunizations for school (I was wisely advised with The Pal that 4 years old is the time to do Kindergarten shots...after one kiddo who had them at 5 and did much worse than the others who had them at 4, I am a firm believer!!), and off the doctor went about her day.

I had toyed with when to tell my babe about these shots...with my older 4 kids I had prepared them up and down and side-ways and back and forth and all around...but something told me that that wasn't how Baby works. I imagined a battle of wills to get her into the clinic if she knew shots were coming...I asked my mom's advice, and she said, "If I were you, I'd wait until the last possible minute, then tell her. That's just my opinion...but I FEEL VERY STRONGLY ABOUT IT!"

Ha! We all know my Babe all too, just before the nurses came in, I casually mentioned, "Oh, and Jodi is going to come back and give you a few shots and then we'll be all done!"

"Okay!" my babe chirped, pleased as punch.

The two nurses came in, I hugged my babe tight while she got FOUR shots and DID NOT EVEN FLINCH. No tears, no kicking or screaming or fighting or anything.

I almost fell over dead.

She hopped off my lap like nothing ever happened to try and catch the bubbles they blew for her and we were sent on our merry little way to go get a tiny leg ultrasounded.

I'll keep you posted on the the meantime...kindergarten boosters at 4 years old? The way to go.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

**I had no sooner finished this post than the phone rang and it was the doctor. Unfortunately, they were "unable to rule out the bad stuff" with just an ultrasound (apparently they couldn't really see all that well what it is...), so we're headed in for an x-ray today. To say my mommy's mind isn't worried would be a flat out lie, so I'll just go ahead and say it...any prayers would be greatly appreciated!


  1. I hope it's no big deal! I hate waiting on test results, and then when they say they need to do another test it just freaks me out.

    She's a trooper though, I hated shots as a kid. I his under the table at the health department once.

  2. Good job, Baby Girl! Shots stink...

    And many good thoughts for the x-ray. (((hugs)))

  3. Man, that is a tough little lady! Definitely sending prayers her way!

    How old is she, because you said it was her three year well child check up belated, but then said you recommend the shots at four. So did you skip the three year appointment completely and this was really her four year old appointment? I'm just asking because my son is due for his three year appointment and I am about a month late now (also not in a rush) and wondering if I should get them when I do take him in in the next couple of weeks, or wait until next year when he really is four.

    1. Hey Sarann! We skipped the 3 year. And did the 4 year! I don't know the "rules" where you are (or, heck, even WHERE you are!!), but around here, if a kiddo get's their K boosters before 4 (even a day...yes, one stupid day, ask me how I know...) they have to have them repeated before K.
      Dumb, right?

    2. Thank you!!! I would hate to have to do them twice so I appreciate the clarification. I am in Arizona right now, but hoping to move to Colorado or Wyoming soon. I'm sure those silly rules are everywhere, so I won't be in a big hurry!
      I can actually remember that set of shots, they put the one in my right thigh when I was laying down and I sat up and tried to grab the needle. My Mom was all kinds of mad at me, but it hurt!

  4. I'm praying it's no biggie! Glad that shots went well...good job for listening to your mother instinct, and your Mama! :) J.

  5. Prayers your way! Glad the rest of the visit went well!

  6. Aww, she's a sweetie. Prayers and thoughts with you all. I hope it's nothing serious.


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