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It Somebody's Birthday...

I wonder who? (Sung to the tune of "Up on the Rooftop".)

ME! Mine!! It's ME!!!

Okay. Fine. It's hers, too...

It's official. My birthday has OFFICIALLY been stolen. I asked the kids last night, "Whose birthday is tomorrow?!"

And they all shouted, "BABY GIRL'S!!!!!!!"

Me: *pause* *waiting* *waiting* *waiting*

Kids: *going about business* *wondering why mom is looking like she's waiting for something*

Me: "Annnnnnnnnd?"

Kids: "OH! And mom's!"

Yes, it's dear sweet, adorable, love munchkin of a birthday girl turns 4 today. (FOUR!!) And, by "dear sweet, adorable" I mean, "strong-willed, my way or the highway, don't even think about disagreeing or telling me no".

This girl is one IN-DEE-PEN-DANT girl. Holy man...she is gonna go places in life. But underneath that crusty, cranky shell lies a girl who's quite the softy. Quick with the "I love you, mama"'s, fabulous for a morning snuggle following her daily "Good mornin', mama!" said in her raspy, sleepy voice, impish, goofy, and with an ever present sparkle in her eye, she'll steal your heart in a second.

Her big brother's #1 side-kick, she looks up to Hambone and follows him around, doing whatever it is that he's doing, echoing everything that he's saying.

It's so fun watching her grow...beginning to really play with her siblings, make believe, imaginations galore, board games...I love watching my childrens' relationships with one another bloom.

She loves deviled eggs, coffee, pistacios, books, babies, and coloring...but doesn't really much care for anyone she doesn't see on a daily (or at the very least, weekly) basis.
I love her giggle, the little freckle on her upper lip, her piercing blue eyes, her long blonde mane, the way she will still, occasionally, worry a shirt or the sheets at bedtime, and her sweet little cheeks.

I could do without the battle of wills, the boogers wiped on my shirt, and your feet kicking my head at night...but I guess I won't complain too much!

Sweet Baby Girl, you are the most amazing blessing to our family. You are growing up so fast and before I know it you'll be in school with your brothers and sister. Time is going to fast, so I'm going to soak you up and take advantage of every snuggle, every hug, every kiss that you give me!

Happy Birthday, Girl...WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!


  1. Aw, happy birthday to you both! What a birthday gift that must have been for you! (Not the whole giving birth thing, but the baby in the end.) :)

  2. Aw, what a cutie! My hubby shares a birthday with our oldest and he feels the same way many a year. I do remember to tell him happy birthday first, though ;-) I hope you two have a good one!!

  3. Happy birthday the 2 of you!!! Hope ya'lls day is filled with lots of love!!!

  4. Happy Birthday to BOTH of you!! What a special day to share. She is beautiful!

  5. Happy birthday to YOU and baby girl! I adore that last pic!

  6. Happy Birthday to both you and your babe! :) J.

  7. Happy birthday to you both! She is precious, and yes her hair is beautiful, there are people who pay a lot of money to have that hair color!

    I was born on my brother's birthday and know all about sharing, so you could look at it this way, at least you had the unique birthday for a while, she and I will never have our "own" birthday.

  8. Happy Birthday to Baby Girl and her mama!I hope you both have a wonderful day and get to spend part of it snuggling.

  9. Happy birthday MAMA!! oh and baby girl too!! :)

  10. Happy Birthday to you both. Hope you've had a truly magical day. :D

  11. Happy birthday to your baby girl! She is getting so big! And last but certainly not least HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you mama! I hope you have a fabulous relaxing day! :)


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