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Not really a big believer. Kinda, but not really. I mean, I'll do things so as to not expedite my demise (no walking under ladders, trying really hard not to break mirrors or open umbrellas indoors, etc...), but usually I don't get caught up in "that sort of thing".

Gotta admit tho...flying on Friday the 13th creeped me out. Turns out, it was nothing to worry about! Yay!

So, mom and I went shopping for the Pal last week. We were working on a deadline, so we ate quickly at the Food Court (STOP!! I do NOT want to hear about how disgusting and dirty food courts are...I can't imagine the filth, and I'd like to remain naive to food court nastiness. Thankyouverymuch.).

We decided on some Asian food, snarfed it down, slurped our pops dry and burped. Then I noticed my fortune cookie resting in front of me..."Hmmmm...let's see what kind of fortune I have today." (Side note: Since when did fortunes become less "you'll win a million dollars" and more "you are a beautiful person"? Very much a side my fortune was less "you are a beautiful person" and more "you'll win a million bucks" on...)

I crack that cookie open and yank out the little paper inside and read something along the lines of "You will soon have unlimited opportunities." I showed my mom, we laughed, she said something like, "Oh! You're going to win the lottery!!" and then she grabbed HER fortune cookie.

"Oh my gosh! Look!!" she exclaimed, and handed me her fortune. Which read: "You will soon be called upon to celebrate good news!"

"You ARE going to win the lottery!!"

So, I did what every non-superstitious person does...I went out and bought two lottery tickets. Each with the numbers on the back of the fortunes.

Guess what?

I didn't win.

Stupid fortunes. (Wait, GAH! I hope the fortune gods didn't hear that...I don't want them to curse me with bad luck for smack talkin' their fortunes. Sorry fortune gods...)


  1. I always get roped into that stuff. I'm a total non-believer, but then there I am, when this stuff happens, doing things I said I'd never do. So, I guess I'm a "conditional" believer. I believe when it might mean something great for me. :)

  2. I have a few OCD tendencies--less superstitious, more of an obsession. Like, I'll ALWAYS raise my foot when we're driving over train tracks. If I don't, then I get all jittery. When I watch all the talk shows on people who are OCD they sound a lot closer to me than "superstition." As an atheist, how superstitious can I be? lol.

    Also, this reminds me of a story: when I was about 12, there was a lottery that was won by maybe twenty people in the same night!!! (this was in Tennessee) Upon trying to figure out how that happened, they realized the winning numbers were printed on a fortune cookie!!! And everyone who ate dinner at that particular Chinese restaurant, that particular night, and played the lottery--won!!! Once in a lifetime, haha.

  3. It didn't say WHEN you were gonna win... just that you were going to. SOOO maybe you should keep playin.

  4. Sounds like a happy shopping trip nonetheless . Unlimited opportunities...hmmmm. you do have unlimited opportunities - to buy lottery tickets that is.


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