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Hunkering Down...

Word on the street is that a big ol' snowstorm is heading our way. I've had to switch my brain from "looking forward to spring" back to "there's still a big long stretch of winter in front of us". This winter has been so unseasonably mild, it had me dreaming of flip flops and shorts long before I should have been!

Truth be told...I love snow storms. Now, we don't get the kind of ice/snow that takes out power for days *knock on wood*, so I am fairly "naive" in saying "I love snow storms". But I do. I love the fresh blanket of white that muffles all transient sound around.

When I was in high school, my mom and I used to go walking when it was snowy out. I loved those walks...just talking, our voices seeming so loud against the quiet of the falling snow. I think maybe I'll take my kids for a walk if we really do get some big snow.

Could be somewhere in the 12 inch range! Doubt that'll happen tho, know why?

I made a run to Sam's Club yesterday in preparation for the big storm (and, okay, so we needed food anyway, also) that I'm prepared? Betcha anything we'll get a dusting. ;)

I'll keep you posted...maybe I'll do an hourly photo post of snow accumulation throughout the day?

Stay tuned!!


  1. Im a bit jealous we have had NO SNOW here in Nashville this year! We have been in the upper 60s for the last few days so I am thinking our chance of snow is pretty much shot! Good Luck with the impending storm!!

  2. We're getting the storm after you, but instead of snow forecasts, we're getting ICE forecasts. GRRRRR. I'd rather have snow.

  3. Um, can ya send some down here? NC has had crazy weather. It's been in the 60's/70's for a lot of the "winter." So ready for a real winter... ice and all since that's all we seem to get :-D

  4. We've got a storm coming, with little to no accumulation. It seems like a huge waste of a storm. If it's gonna be iffy to drive, I want accumulation.

  5. You can keep every last bit of that snow esp since here it has been in 70's the past 2 days here. Goodbye awful winter hello sweet spring :) I hope everyone stays safe where you are :)

  6. I hope you get the snow! I have missed it so much here. I love the way it sounds when it snows too!

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