Monday, February 27, 2012

Quick Bump Update...

Thank you for your concern about Baby's leg bump...the answers we have? None.

The x-ray was inconclusive. Radiologist report said, "CT or MRI may be helpful"...which led me to believe that it may also be NOT helpful.

So, our doc and I talked and have decided to skip right to the chase...we're going with a surgical consult. Hubs thinks maybe we're jumping the gun a bit, but we've decided that at the very least, at least we'll be getting a second pair of eyes to check it out and review images.

Dr. D (our ped) said her "gut tells her it's nothing"...BUT there's the whole unknown. And when it comes to the scary stuff that bumps can be, I'd rather just know what the heck it is. I'm certainly not a fan of anesthetizing my kids (and it may not even come to that) but I know that if we did "wait and watch" and learn a few months from now that this little bump was actually something bad, I would kick myself for wasting those months on "waiting".

Waiting for a call back from the scheduler, I anticipate an appointment next week sometime...and I will make sure to keep you posted!

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