Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Love...and the 3rd Annual Mr. Wonderfulest Contest!

Here it is...the 3rd Annual Mr. Wonderfulest Contest!

Every year, I have the most difficult time choosing the winner...I laugh, I cry, I weep, I chuckle, I am filled with awe at the amazing men there are in this world and how lucky we are to have them in our lives!

The prize up for grabs is a $50 Visa gift card (wish I could give more, but, alas, I have 7 mouths to feed...), for which the winner can treat her Mr. Wonderfulest to something fun (or, heck, use it on herself!)! All you need to do is link up your Father's Day post (we all right some kind of version of one, right? For our dads, our husbands, our fiances, or some meaningful guy in our lives, no?!) in the LinkyTools below.

I will be "turning on" the "Like" function of LinkyTools and the post with the most "Likes" (with my approval, of course) by next Sunday will be the winner and carry the title of "Mr. Wonderfulest" until next year! In the event of a tie, I will choose the post that speaks the most to my heart!

Just to make sure all stragglers can get a chance to get their post in, I will leave the linky list open until 8 am Pacific Time on Tuesday, June 21st.

Okay, here we go!

My own post for my Mr. Wonderful:

He is my rock.

My biggest supporter.

He is my source of political information.

My jar opener.

My personal picnic table maker.

He is my babies' daddy.

My backer upper.

My parenting teammate.

He is my lover.

My hottie.

Happy Father's Day, Mr. Wonderful! I love you with all my heart, all my soul, and every fiber of my being. Our children are blessed to have you as their daddy


  1. Looks like baby girl is a daddy's girl!!!

  2. Too cute! I loved reading some of the other entries too! I typed Ryan a letter for his 1st Father's Day today, but don't have a blog so I can't join in your fun! Love the idea though!!!

  3. Awe, what a sweet guy you have! Where's the like button for your post?

  4. Thanks for doing this and offering such a fabulous prize. Hope your husband had a good Father's Day!

  5. I do not have time to write a post this week. although i wish i could. you see in the last 10 days my amazing hero and husband of 16 years has lost his father to a heart attack and taken custody of his nieces one year old and three year old son. He is such a amazing man who would do anything for anyone. Who does not think twice about doing it and giving up anything to help someone else. In the last week I have watched him shed tears quietly as we sad good bye to his father. I have watched him hug his mom and be so protective over her. i have watched him hug our new boys and love on them as if we had them since birth. I have watched him snuggle with a baby boy who so needed it. This week he said good bye to me and his younger 5 kids so he could stay and help his mom. I have seen him go to war over and over with no thoughts of doing anything but protect the people around him. I have seen him help many litttle scouts on camp outs and fill in for many a dad who was deployed at a scout function or take them picture. my children could not ask for a better father and role model. okay maybe i should take the time to turn this into a post. He deserves so much more than I can ever give him

  6. I've just posted my Mr Wonderfulest entry at the last minute!! Now I'm going to read the others.... :)

  7. Oh no! I came here to vote for Mamma Kerr's most brave and most courageous 'Mr. Wonderfulest' but the linky has closed.

    He absolutely, most definitely gets my vote!


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