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Whenever I say or write "summertime", I am instantly transported to 11th grade and DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Price. Who knew the Fresh Price was to become Will Smith?!

Anyway, remember? "Summer, summer, summertime...Just a bit of a break from the norm-Just a little somethin' to break the monotony-Of all that hardcore dance that has gotten to be..." Ahhhh, the good ol' days.

Sorry,, Tuesday. 105 degrees on the thermometer on my van. ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE, folks. Do you realize, that in the winter, we have (record breaking years) had temps that (with windchill) have reached 100 degrees BELOW zero?

A little math ('cuz I'm quick like that) tells me that that is a 200 degree temp difference. (Heh heh...ain't I a thmart one?)

Yowza. However, ask the majority of us MinneSOOOOTa peeps, and we'll tell you that it "wasn't so bad"! Not much humidity and gosh, after a winter that lasted until Tuesday, 105 degrees felt pretty damn good!

Kids had a blast...asking, ever so persistently, if we could "go to Grandma's, 'cuz they don't have inch worms and mosquitoes and sticks and acorns over there". True 'nuff...we live in the middle of the woods, and apparently, this is gonna be a bumper year for inch worms. Blech.

So, off to my parents we went, where the kids spent HOURS, literally, running through sprinklers, having water fights, getting doused by water from grandpa, and enjoying the air conditioning, and just plain ol' playin' like it was summertime!

And now, it's 60 degrees, overcast, and chilly. I want Tuesday back.

I want Tuesday back, real, real, real bad.


  1. Its been 95 to 102 for the past 2 weeks here in TN! I would love a 60 degree day. Then maybe the hubs would get out and mow the yard!

  2. I love the summer time photos! They really seem to be having a blast! I wish we could have a summer with no humidity! That really makes the heat stink! lol HAPPY SUMMER!!

  3. God Bless our little $15 plastic was a scorcher here too. Kind of rare for my part of Canada this early. And no wind. nothing. not a leaf stirred.
    Today - it is overcast, a nice breeze every now and then...but the humidty is hanging over us like a damp camping blanket! ugh. Kind of hoping the thundershower they are calling for arrives....after soccer tonight, of course.

  4. We live in the Mojave Desert in SoCal, a cople hours from Death Valley and our Summers are always around 120. But I can't believe it was 105 there, WOWZERS!!!!! Looks like you all enjoyed it :)

  5. Here in TX, we have been sweltering for weeks with temps well over a hundred....glad to hear someone treasures it!

  6. Awesome photos... and I don't care much for anything over 75- after living in TX most of my life, I like my CO temps.

    Here is too a awesome summer!!

  7. This heat is oppressive! They called half days at school this week because our classrooms were so hot! My second floor classroom was easily 105 the other day and I felt terrible for my poor students trying to take their finals. I dreamed about pulling out a hose and dousing them with cold water. They would have LOVED it! Alas, we struggled through.

    At home, however, the kids have been rocking the hose and have been "washing" my car every chance they get. And if, oops!, they wind up wetter than the car, all the better!


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