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Dear Summer:

Dear Summer:

I really like you. I really miss you. When will you return?

I made a bargain with Texas...I'd give them rain if they sent heat. Apparently, my end of the deal went through, but Texas stiffed me and we're still stuck at 60 degrees.

Summer, please come back. It's what we live for here in MinneSOOOOta. It's what gets us through the long, cold, never ending winters.

Please, please, please, summer. Show us your beautiful face.

I promise to not complain one itty, bitty, teeny, tiny, eensy, weensy, little bit about any heat or humidity if you come back, right now.

Missing you much,


  1. Man you can have our summer!!! Its been up in the high 90 all week with lots of humidity. And then our evenings end with MAD SCARY storms!!! So I will try and send our HOT summer up your way! Have a good week!

  2. i am up here in MN for the week, and I too, am wondering where the Summer weather is :)

    it is wacky all over though......

    happy thursday!

  3. I agree. I want summer back. Mid-70's to the low 90's and I'd be a happy gal. This 60* business in June is crazy.

  4. Agreed! We are freezing our buns off for swimming classes all this week!

  5. I'll send you our summer heat and humidity if you give me some cooler temps. I am SO over summer already, and it officially started on Tuesday, but technically started back in May for us. Blech!

  6. I will trade you a little bit of heat for a little bit of rain for us here in Florida. We NEED rain! Hope summer comes soon!

  7. Can we trade? LOL
    It's miserable here in Florida!

  8. I promise Texas will send you the heat now!! We have seen triple digits for months, and have had warm days since April....ugh. It's too much when you have to farm by moonlight to avoid the heat!!!

    Hope you warm up!

  9. See, you made a deal with the wrong place. We need rain and I would have sent you the heat

  10. I sent that heat I will look up a tracking number you know how fed ex is ;)

  11. You can have our heat, it's miserable! When your car reads 105-109 in the shade, it is TOO hot! And all that before summer officially started!
    We just got rain the other day for the first time in a month and while it was nice, we are not seeing anymore rain anytime soon and we need more than just ONE day of it! :(

  12. I totally agree, isn't this crazy! I'm so tired of crappy weather. My Sprout had baseball earlier today and my DH and Cubbie had to wear warm jackets while they watched him play!


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