Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Parade wave at the ready!

Our small town had a little "festival" this weekend...replete with "fair food", a parade, and fireworks! Fun times, I tell you, fun times!

The school that my children attend have a float in the parade; the Mr. volunteers his trailer and superb driving skillz, while the children exhibit their parade waves and I steal the candy from the candy throwers:

Bright and early Saturday morning, we navigated our way through foggy, drizzly, downright NOT parade weather, to decorate aforementioned trailer.

Lot's of kids and moms and a coupla dads came together to fashion a pretty dang good lookin' float, if I do say so myself!

Ever wonder what it looks from the other side of the parade procession?

Here's a peek:

(Oh, and a word to the wise...you're best off sitting in the beginning of the parade procession...the crowd gets purdy t'ick in the middle and the candy starts getting rationed at the end. You're welcome for this very useful and important bit of information. Carry on...)

From the rear view mirror:

Hi, family!!!

Hi, friends!!!

The downside of being IN a parade? No candy to steal from the kids when you get home.

Oh, and, sore arms from that dang parade wave.


  1. You can tell you live in a small town when you still are allowed to throw candy in a parade. Where I am from originally it became outlawed for safety reasons, but now I live in a tiny town and they do candy.

  2. How fun! I like how you took a pic of your family and friends too. Bummer on the rain tho. Ugh.


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