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Stitches and summer...

School's out for summer!!!

Yee-haw! Nothin' I love more 'an picking my kiddos up from their last day of school...I LOVE summer vacation! Nothin' my kids love more 'an starting summer vacation!

'Cept, when one of them doesn't even make it into the house from the car ride home and needs to get stitches.

Poor, E. Dub...was so excited, he was barrelin' into the house, tripped on the outside step, and smashed his chinny chin chin on the (the nasty, dirty) metal part of the door frame. I knew immediately, by the type of breath-holding cry escaping his mouth, that this was serious.

Sho 'nuff, inbetween gasps for air, he got out, "tripped" and "tongue"...I looked in his mouth and saw blood, however, when he had his head tipped back, I got a glimpse of the gaping wound on his chin.

Luckily (or, more appropriately, "A God thing") one of my best friends had just arrived to hang out for a bit. I ran around like a chicken with it's head cut off for a few moments before she calmly shoo'd me off to the clinic.

Four stitches later and we were sent on our merry little way.

What a great start to summer vacation, huh?


  1. Ohno! But I think we live the same lives! LOL Mine needs stitches too! lol but poor guy!

  2. Hopefully the rest of your summer won't be as eventful!

  3. Poor little guy! My youngest ended up with 3 staples in his head a couple of weeks ago for a very similar incident...must be summer, must be boys!

  4. Eesh! What a way to kick off the holidays! Glad he's okay!


  5. When he gets older tell him that chicks dig scars ha! That's what we told Logan when he busted his chin up:-)

  6. I'm nauseous just reading this post!

  7. Poor guy!! I'm sorry! And right at the beginning of summer.. Sounds like something I would do.. Haha..
    Funny enough though, my husband did a similar thing when he was about that age. And now he has a bald spot there. It's quite funny really. His beardie thing grows right around where he got the stitches.. It's one of those things that I love about him.. :)

  8. He now has a summer story, a cautionary tale, for the rest of his life. Glad he's okay, and glad it's nothing broken that would keep him out of fun or in braces (depending on appendage or teeth) for the season.


  9. "Break in period" tough break!! This will go down as a summer to remember!

  10. Flashback for me! My oldest, Drew, flew across the handlebars and slid on his chin across the blacktop. Similar wound only it required 22 stitches total. Plus the two jaw teeth knocked loose at the root. Plus the small hole where teeth went through his lip. Plus the break in the hinge of his jawbone. And that is all.

    Sorry your little guy had to go through this because I very well remember the pain Drew had. Hope he's not a tooth-grinder at night. Drew was. It was NOT pretty. :(

  11. I had stitches in the EXACT same place when I was about 5 yrs old- I remember it so well! But my parents were out of town when it happened and I was staying with friends- it was so awful to have to get stitches without my mom there, and I remember trying to be so brave :( I'm happy you were there with him! And now that it's out of the way, you are sure to have a GREAT, accident-free summer ;-)

  12. Oh gosh...poor little guy! Fingers crossed that's your only trip to urgent care this summer :)

  13. Poor guy! And been there, done that.

    Here's to a wonderful summer!

  14. Ouch and double ouch! Poor thing. I'd be in the same panicky situation if I was in your shoes. Yes, what a way to start summer vacation. An episode you'd never forget I'm sure. Anyway, Happy Summer Vacation!


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