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This is so hard...

Last night, when I got to work, I got a little "talking to". A nice talking to, but a talking to, nonetheless.

Apparently my absentee rate is at 5% for the year.

I was floored. Shocked. Dumbfounded.

I try really, really hard to not call in sick to work...and if I have to, I usually just call in sick for the first four hours of my shift, at which time Mr. Wonderful is home and can take over.

My children are my passion.

My life.

My priority.

So, when they are sick, I've never felt guilty about calling in sick, because they are what I live for. Not work.

I was told (nicely, I must add), that they make us aware of this rate so that we can make changes.

Um...but...I already thought I did make changes. I rarely would ever call in sick with ill children for a full shift. I worked it out with my husband, we did the tag team thing. Not one of my "absences" was for me.

Not one.

This makes me feel have to decide between my ill child and my absenteeism.

Because, I know what my choice children, they always will be.

But, I don't want to choose.


  1. I totally know where you are coming from. I always feel guilty when I have to call in sick because one of my children are sick. And being a single mom I don't have anyone to team with. My son was diagnosed with Aspergers this past fall and once a month I have to take off early to take him to his dr. appt. My boss always says "You're taking off early again". Now, I always work extra the rest of that week to make up the lost time but still.

  2. helpful comments or good words here, but I'm so sorry you're in that position!!

  3. Isn't it amazing that you can be made to feel guilty over doing what's right for your children. At least you have the right outlook. You live for your children, not your work. Good for you!

  4. Children are always first, stick with your guns on this one!

  5. I've been in that position before. It got to the point where I had to find a job that was more accommodating of my family first ideology. It pays lots less (LOTS less), but it's what I ended up having to do.

    I'm not saying YOU should do it, I'm just saying what my result ended up being. I hope it doesn't have to be that way for you.

  6. ugh! not a good position to be in... I'm sorry!

  7. I've been in this position before, too. And I am 100% with you....if I have to absent because one of my kids are sick, then I have to be absent. But just a word to the wise, if you don't already, document, document, document. Keep a list of your "absenteeisms" and reasons and how much of your shift you actually missed. It may come in handy one day.

  8. This is why I could never have a real, full time job. With seven kids, someone is always sick and my husband is a fireman with a wacky schedule. Any boss would fire me within the first month. And justifiably so.

  9. 52 weeks a year at five days a week equals 260 days. 5% of the year is 13 days. So 2 1/2 weeks a year for sick kids is really not bad. I wouldn't fault you for it. Of course as a mom business owner I look at things differently.

  10. Can't even imagine being in that position. Thinking of you and hoping things work them out...

  11. I actually had to choose between my child and my job at one point too. I haven't had a FULL TIME job in 4 years because I chose the munchkin! When will employers learn?! lol The bad thing is that now days, men are getting the same treatment because there are so many single dads! We really DO need change, but I just don't know how to get it!

    Best of luck to you! Let us know as things progress!

  12. Shake it off, Mama M! Shake it off!

  13. Hey, for five kids, that's not such a bad percentive IMHO. Stinks you have to choose at all.

  14. I can understand your thinking because my child would be first also. When I was pregnant, my supervisor had a similar talk with me but I stopped her in her tracks and told her that I would quit on the spot if my sick days were a problem. I had the mindset then that family is always first and was not willing to make any changes.

    Good luck with your decision!!

  15. Nothing, I mean NOTHING is more important than your little ones. They are the basis of your life, so go with your gut and do what is right for your family! We should never have to choose.

  16. I am in the same boat...had the talking to, it's scary in this economy, but like you, my kiddos are more important right now...I always think, I will NEVER get this day back! Take care :)

  17. At my work, there are two different types of sick time. There's personal sick time and then there is family emergency. If you have a sick child, you are allowed to use family emergency time and it can't be counted against you.

    Now, is that a state or federal law? I have no idea. I guess you would have to do some research. I do know that they can't dictate what you do in your personal life. What if you were a single mom? You wouldn't have a choice. I just don't think they can hold that against you. If they need a doctor's note from your child, so be it.

  18. I meant a doctor's note from your child's doctor...

    a note from your child...that's kinda funny...dear my Mama's boss, please leave my mama alone, I was sicky and she loved me up!

  19. I understand. I went through the same thing when my kids were small. I ended up leaving my job and stayed home full time.

  20. That stinks! But, just think, when you're old and gray and nearing the end, your kids will all be there, telling you what a great mom you've been. The person with the clipboard giving you statistics at work will be a memory. Try not to let it bother you, life happens!

  21. I recently had this "talking to" as well. It was hard and painful. . .and apparently not as nice as yours was.
    I have no advice or words of wisdom. . .just know you are not alone. My kids are my passion and priority as well and when they need me I will DEFINITELY be there!!


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