Friday, January 13, 2012

Real Time

Here I sit...waiting for our flight to board with my handsome husband!

Missing my kids already, but sooooo grateful that they're in good hands! Hard to believe that we will soon be basking in the Mexican sun!

Just wanted to remind you that Kate from Kate's Life ( is hosting 5QF this week! Head on over there and join in with her! (I will try, depending on the wi-fi-ability of our flight!)

Talk to you soon...from the sandy beaches of sunny Mexico!


  1. Your skin looks fab. Must be all those facials.

    Have an awesome time!!!

  2. LUCKY YOU! I'm so Jealous, I Love Mexico!
    What a great time to waited until our COLD weather!
    ENJOY and bring back some sunshine for the rest of us!

  3. So exciting! So jealous as I look at the snow out my window! Enjoy every second!

  4. I knew you were gorgeous and I knew your hub was hunk, but until I saw this picture, my full-on hate of you and your couples-hotness hadn't fully developed. Seriously - Bradgelina or whatever they're called have got NOTHIN on yall. H to the A to the W to the T.


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