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Felt Board Giveaway!

Several weeks ago, I was approached by Betty Lukens to review some of their felt boards.

Didn't take me long to say yes, as I remember playing with felt boards in elementary school and loving them!

When they arrived, you'd've thought it was Christmas morning over here. The kids were so exstatic and immediately began delcaring which board belonged to whom, and then?

Oh my friends, AND THEN?


Pure, sweet, silent silence, as they all played with their boards. I honestly haven't heard that kind of quiet (wait...can you "hear" quiet?) when they are all awake forever, I guess!

They all quietly played...Baby Girl even "walking" her felt people around the doll house board. Belle, our fashionista, gave me several different style board options, E.W. was hard at work on the farm and Hambone and his kindergarten "sponge like" brain was loving the alphabet board.

The quality is phenomenal, the colors bold and bright, and the amount of imaginary play that comes forth? Unprecedented!

Three randomly chosen winners will receive a "Learning Fun with Felt" set of their choice! So, wanna know what you've gotta do?

Just head on over to and check out which "Learning Fun with Felt" set you'd like, then tell me in the comments!

One entry per person. Giveaway will close Monday morning (January 9th) at which time I will announce the winner!

**Disclaimer: I was provided, free of charge, with the above felt sets for a review. I was not compensated in anyway for a postive review, all thoughts and opinions expressed are original and honest. Giveaway sponsored by Betty Lukens.


  1. do you know how hard that is???

    probably the bible stories one

    she has such a beautiful site


  2. I like the Creations one. My almost 2 year old would love the animals and it would be a good way to begin teaching Bible lessons to him.

  3. So cute! I love the adventures in space set. My boys are all about the cosmos! :)

  4. Oh my goodness it is so hard to choose just one! But, I would have to say the Noah's Ark and the Birth of Baby Jesus are my favorites! My 3 year old would absolutely love seeing one of his favorite stories come to life like this! Thanks!

  5. I like the "Let's play house" set. My daughter would love it.

  6. My daughters would love any of the Dress up and Princess ones! You rock!

  7. I love the Basic Learning Skills set. This would be great for my 2 year old niece - as well as her nostalgic 80s Aunt!

  8. Oh my hard is it to pick one?? I have been wanting a felt board for some time! I love the farm animals and the abcs and the potato head and, and, and!!! All of them! :)
    Dilly Dally

  9. My son is almost 3 and he is into so many of the themes of these flannel boards. I am having a hard time choosing between the dinosaurs and under the sea, or even an alphabet one since he just learned to sing the alphabet song.

  10. I know my son would love any of the animal/nature ones, but I think he'd enjoy the #54106 Under the Sea set the most!

    Abby S.

  11. Boy hard to choose but I guess the Adventures in Space set because my boys are crazy over the moon!

  12. I think my daughter would love the Play Pals one. I've never seen these! How fun!

  13. These are really cool! I would choose the Forest Camping Adventure Set for my son, because he is sure to have a lot of that in his future and might as well get familiar with it, now. :)

  14. Adventures in Space looks like fun!

  15. AHHH! I haven't seen a felt board in YEARS! And how far they've come! I remember when our teachers cut out shapes on their own for ours ;) My Chloe would LOVE the princess friends one!

  16. I didn't even know they still made these! Amazing! I love the dinosaurs one, but the safari animals one is pretty cool too. Brayden would LOVE either one!

  17. Love them! My little girl is very big into Princesses so she'd love that one but we also just bought her her first Bible so for her to see those stories come to life, I think she'd flip over that as well.

  18. OMG these are awesome, I am so ordering one for my daughter. I love the lets play house one, but they are all so darn cute!

  19. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Forest Camping Adventure!

  20. My little girl would love the play pals one!

  21. My girls would love any of the Princess ones!

    hsing4 at gmail dot com

  22. Since I have 2 girls and a boy it is hard to choose,but I like any of the princess ones or dressups and all the bible ones.

  23. Gus would love the forest camping set!

  24. The Princesses & Dress-Up Dolls ones are all great...but I'm thinking MY little princess would especially adore #54509 Best Friends Dress-Up.

    PS - Any "toy" that produces quiet is a welcome addition to this house :)

  25. Hmmm... I'd probably choose one of the Bible ones since my husband and I use a felt board to teach the preschoolers at church.

    Either that or one of the doll house type ones for the girly since she loves all of that.

  26. They are all so stinkin' cute! My girls would love this. Its really hard to choose but I like the "spring tea party" one in the seasons set. The Bible story ones are all pretty awesome as well. What a great giveaway

  27. That was so hard to pick!! I think the Fun on the Farm would be a good one. We are getting ready for the girls' first airplane trip... this would be great!!

    wpooh_9 at hotmail dot com

  28. Love these sets!! I would have to choose the Forest Camping Adventure for my three boys. Happy New Year to you!!

  29. Love them and would love the Fun on the Farm one for my boys.

  30. My little guy would love "Under the Sea" !!

  31. i think my kids would like the Fun on the farm set.

  32. My daughter would LOVE this! I think she'd like the Spring Garden Tea Party board.

  33. Oh man- too many to choose from. So beautiful. My oldest son would love the Forest camping adventure, my youngest the Fun on the Farm. I am sure that my daughter would go crazy for the Best Friends dress up.

  34. i love the story of moses set, wow she has some fun sets that all of my kids could play with and that is hard when you have a variety of ages

  35. OHHHHHH...Day of the Dinosaurs!
    My GW would love it. He is all about dinosaurs right now!

  36. Awesome! I have to choose the ABC's board! I have 2 girls that are currently working on their letters so this would be a great teaching aide!

  37. My boys would love, love, love the Farm board!

  38. My daughter would LOVE LOVE LOVE the Play Pals board. A close second would be the Let's Play House board! These are wonderful!

  39. While I would love the Dream Dresses set, I think the kidlet would like the Rain Forest Adventures more. She probably wouldn't dress the dolls to my specifications anyway....

  40. Beginner ABCs, Colors & Shapes :) They all look like fun though!


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