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Flying. I hate it.

It's getting real. We are leaving on a jet plane...and I'm not very excited. I'm struggling tonight. Struggling with my own fears of flying, fears of death, fears of orphaning my kids...all whilst my babe asks questions like, "What if the plane crashes?" and "What if something happens to you and daddy?"

Ugh. That one was a sucker punch to the gut.

I spent most of this evening vacillating between tears and self pep-talks.

I know once we get there, all will be okay, but man alive. I. hate. flying. I actually searched for an old prescription of Valium I still had (for a previous flight...and I never took a one pill. I was too scared to take the dang pill. Hmmmmm, anxiety much?) and have successfully stashed it in my purse.

Pretty sure that I will take one. Or, maybe a half of one. I dunno...what is Valium like? Will it totally gork me out? Or just make me mellow? And what happens if I decide I'd like a mimosa on the plane? Will I really be gorked out then? Ack. Maybe it's just better to freak out (internally only, I'm pretty good at hiding my neurosis) than to take a med that I'm unsure of?

I am hoping for a little wi-fi action at the hotel so that I can do an "On-location" post. However, don't be surprised if things are quiet here, I'm totally unsure how internet access works in Mexico!

On a more upbeat note...Five Question Friday is still on! The Fabulous Kate, over at Kate's Life, will be hosting in my absence! I know she will do a great job at, play along just like any other week! If I can, I'll see if even I can play along from the plane or something!

Talk to you soon!


  1. Just think rationally. Millions of flights take off and land per week, they run more than any public transit system in the world. All over the world. And the ratio of flight crashes to car crashes is hilariously low. You would be making more sense to be scared to get in a car every time you do. They kill FAR more people.

    Planes are engineered to fly. That's what they do. They don't just sporadically decide to NOT fly. And even if they did, they're also engineered to stay intact. Which is why all those flights you read about crashing have no/little casualties. They're easier to get out of than an overturned bus, that's for sure.

    To answer the question about Valium, it depends on your metabolism, what you've been eating, et cetera, but more than likely it will just make you mellow out. I definitely do not recommend taking a pill AND a mimosa.

    Just think of all the people who fly daily to and from work. And all the pilots whose job it is to fly. It's as natural as other randomly generated human inventions. (and safer than quite a few) personally I love flying!!! I think it's one of the miracles of mankind's mind.

  2. I will be praying for some peace of mind for you about flying. Just think of all the fun you will have when you get there! It's also nice that you aren't having to fly alone. Can't wait to hear about all the fun!

  3.'ll be fine. You'll arrive safe and sound and better for the trip! As for the Valium, they prescribed it for me after a neck surgery so my neck muscles wouldn't tense and stop the healing. I needed a low dose, though, so I could keep Mama-ing my kids. :) Relaxed my muscles enough that the neck healed great, I felt calm, and all was well. Take half if you're afraid of the whole pill. It'll work just as well.

  4. i hate flying too! i think of EVERYTHING that can go wrong.. and just the thought of leaving my kids gives me major's also one of the reasons we haven't been back to CA in almost 3 years.. i totally get it!

    you're gonna be fine and you're going to MEXICO and it's gonna be WARM.. it will be fabulous.. until you have to get back on the plane to go home.. ;-)

    have fun!!


  5. Your post reminded me of the last time my hubby and I took a trip to Mexico and Pedro the pilot with the pink hat shared a not-so-conforting poem with us upon our departure.
    Check out my post about it here:

    And, save the last half of the valium pill for the trip

    ENJOY YOUR SUNNY (non-Mom mode) VACATION!!!

  6. skip the pills, double the mimosas, right after take-off. really though, you'll be ok! freak out publicly and maybe they'll bump you to first class. :)

  7. Oh my...I just had to comment on this post. We are headed to Mexico as a family soon, and I can't sleep at night just thinking about the darn flight. 6 hours in a tin box 35,000 feet in the air. Who invented these things? Seriously. Normally I take Gravol to help calm my nerves, but since it makes me super sleepy and I'll have 3 kids under 6 to tend to, I can't take it. Perhaps I should just get drunk before takeoff??? Have fun in Mexico. Hmmmm...Mexico, that's a whole other worry for me...


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