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Reporting live, from sunny Mexico!! (Well, today isn't so sunny...yet!)

Our flight was uneventful (just the way I like it) and yes, indeed, I did take a wee little bit of Valium and it was perfect! Mellowed me out a little bit so that I didn't feel like I was wobbling on the edge of a panic attack!

Last night, we were all hanging out, watching a "show" at the hotel (Grease) when we (my baby bro and I) harassed a large group of people to walk 10 minutes on the beach to a neighboring hotel so that we could dance.

No sooner had we arrived, that I realized I forgot my purse AND my camera back at our hotel, on the floor of the bar we had been at.

Cue ensuing panic (but not outwardly, 'cuz I internalize everything) and sneaking out of the dance with a few people to speed walk back to our hotel, where, low and behold, there sat my camera and my purse.


*Great big huge sigh of relief*

And then I went to bed because what happens when I get stressed? Sleepy time.

Good thing it was an appropriate bedtime or I would've looked like a party pooper!

The hotel is beautiful...a photo of the lobby:

The staff is amazing...we have yet to have a fabulous meal, but what we've had so far is decent! Sounds like tonight might be a Senior Frogs night...but my poor hubby is miserable, his ears got plugged on the decent of our flight and they are still plugged.

He can't hear and they hurt. :( Anyone have any suggestions for him? I don't think he's enjoying himself much.

Weird...I just did spell check, and every single word was highlighted and when I clicked on a word, the suggestions for the correct spelling were in Spanish! HA!!

Adios, amigos!


  1. Glad your purse and camera were safe and sound.
    Get hubby to either trying chewing some gum (doing this during descent can help prevent your ears popping in the first place too) or swallowing while pinching his nose.

    Enjoy your vacay =)

  2. That's one gorgeous lobby! Wow! So sorry your hubby isn't feeling well. Nothing worse that feeling low on a vacation! And, pretty amazed the purse and camera were still there! Unreal! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  3. Pinch his nose tightly and then while pinching try and blow his nose. Only thing that works for me.

  4. I had the same problem as your hubby when I travelled from Australia to America years ago - I went and got over the counter sinus medication which helped enormously.

    I know exactly how he feels :(

  5. Be careful of Senior Frogs.....I got myself into a heap of trouble at the one in Cancun, many many many moons ago.

  6. Here we go! I opened your pages with Firefox and now I can comment. Aren't you thrilled. Probably too late but I always use Sudafed when my ears plug during/after a flight. My husband buys these embarrassing straw things that he sticks in his ears to keep this from happening...scary-looking but they really work! I missed the chat Tuesday again. :(


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