Sunday, December 18, 2011

Whatcha doin'?

Me? Oh, you know, just sitting here trying to decide how I can convince the universe to slow down just a little bit.

Christmas is in one week. ONE WEEK. 7 days. 420 hours. 25,200 minutes. Okay, I'll stop.


*Deep breaths*

If only I could take a leave of absence from work for the last two weeks before Christmas. But, alas, I can't. Well, maybe I could, but, you see, I'm saving vacation time for a certain trip to Mexico that is coming in 4 weeks...FOUR WEEKS!!

That means that tomorrow, I'll wake up and I'll have to catch a plane at 7 in the morning. Because that's how time works around here...I go to bed one night as a small child, I wake up as a married woman of five children who is stressing out about the holidays and a vacation that will be here any minute.

Seriously, I swear to you I live in some sort of "Mario-esque" time warp. Maybe if I find a little green tube to squat down on it'll slow this craziness down. 'Course, it could backfire (*snicker* get it? "Squat" and "backfire"?!) and I'd end up in some hyperspeed world.

Wait. That's right. I ALREADY am in hyperspeed world.

Ugh. I've gotta go to bed. But I better finish wrapping presents, because you never know, I could wake up an 80 year woman tomorrow, the way things are going.

Goodnight. I'll see you in the morning...and I may or may not be wearing Depends, using bifocals, and looking for my dentures.


  1. Too funny! Can I copy this post and post on my blog? (kidding) I totally get how you are feeling-I'm still giggling.

  2. This seriously made me laugh!! Old school Mario is the only game I have ever mastered!

    We are taking a break from HS for the holidays, so I finally get to enjoy reading all the blogs I like.

    I hope you get to find the slow down button or the proper green tube, with no backfires ;-) I plan on doing nothing much beyond laundry today, and for me that is seriously slow!!!

  3. So true!! Great write!! Life goes by really quick!!!


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