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Well, wouldn't you know...

Instead of waking up as an 80 year old woman, I instead woke up as a 13 year girl. I've got the zits to prove it.


Apparently I squatted on the wrong green tube and was morphed back into teenage-dom. Speaking of which, all of you mother's who are battling temper tantrums, sleepless nights and diaper blow outs? Embrace them.

These are the easiest years of your life.

Trust me on this one. When that sleepless babe grows to a teenager, the stakes rise. Even the "good" stuff is heavy.

I'm nearly ready for Christmas...some gifts to wrap and some baking to do, but then BRING IT ON! My stress level is still through the roof, however. My neck tells me so by becoming so tight I can't help but take notice because it feels as though it is going to consume my brain in a cannabalistic fit of binge eating.

That's all. Goodnight.

Oh, but wait...because I love you, (back to the teenage stuff) may you never be blessed with having to be a part of the team meal the week of Christmas.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more about the teen years. O...M...G! Give me back the toddlers years. Those were EASY.

    I like to refer to this period where each of my teens has officially mark me as the dumbest person they know. Sigh... good times.

  2. Too funny, and too true. I teach 8th grade and spend every day with these teenagers. My oldest is 10 and is starting to "try out" the teen angst. She is still a sweetie pie, but every now and then, she is 15 and my husband and I shake our heads and quiver in our boots.

  3. Ught oh... I'm a mom to a toddler (for the first time) and it's ROUGH!!! From the sudden mood swings to tantrums where he bangs his head on anything he can... I'm baffled most of the time!! It's not encouraging to know that this is the EASY stuff!!!


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