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Becoming in Christ.

Update: Friends, we have a winner!! We had 27 entrants (28 comments with Tara's comment with the info to order, I didn't include her comment as eligible, but left it there so the contact info was available to see!) and told me this:

Which means that Kate is the winner!! Congrats, Kate! Send me your info so I can get this beautiful charm sent out to you!

Original Post:

Friends, I have something very special to giveaway. Very special because of the story behind it and very special because it is just so dang gorgeous.

Most of you know about my bestie. She's awesome. Our friendship is one that became of difficult circumstances and quickly grew into the most amazing relationship. She's as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and I am so proud of all of the accomplishments she's achieved! (Not to mention she's super fun, too.)

Tara has been on a faith journey over the last few years. It's been amazing; watching her transformation from a passive believer to a passionate, on-fire for her faith, servant of Christ.

As part of Tara's journey (read her story here), she designed a gorgeous piece of jewelry, originally just for herself, as a reminder of her faith journey.

As a symbol of how she (we) are always "Becoming in Christ". The pendant and/or charm is a möbius symbol with a cross in the middle. It is polished and brushed is the explanation of how they all fit together:

Möbius: a mathematical symbol for constant transformation Cross: a symbol of Christ’s love Rough/Smooth Surface: Before & After

Then she realized what a blessing it would be to be able to offer others this beautiful piece of jewelry and the opportunity to talk about your faith when someone comments or compliments (because you they WILL!) you on it.

The purpose of the "Becoming in Christ" pendant, as taken from the website:

It is our hope and prayer that each person who wears the Becoming Jewelry will:

  • Allow Jesus to continue to transform you through His love (2 Cor 3:18)
  • Be BOLD in sharing your story of transformation when someone asks about the jewelry (Hebrews 12:1)
I am delighted, honored and positively ecstatic to be able to give away one (1) charm right here on this very blog! And, while only one person can win, ANYONE can buy it, thanks to Tara's amazing eye for fashion and her amazing heart for faith transformation.

The "Becoming in Christ" website. (On-line ordering not quite available, but you can call the (awesome) jeweler directly, get a healthy dose of Minnesota nice, hear our wonderful accent, and finish up the proud owner of a beautifully meaningful piece of jewelry.)

1. To enter, leave me a comment, you can say anything you'd like, but I'd love to hear your faith story!
2. For a second entry, tweet the following: I am constantly #BecomingInChrist and would love to win a gorgeous charm from @5crookedhalos!
3. Make sure to leave the link to your tweet, so you get credit for it!
4. Max of two entries per person.
5. Winner chosen by and announced Monday morning!

Good luck...I wish I could give one away to all of you!

**Disclaimer: I was provided with one charm, to giveaway to one of you. This is sponsored by JFKruze Jewelers and Tara...aka "The World's Best Bestie". By announcing Monday morning, we hope to get you your prize BEFORE Christmas!


  1. My faith journey is constantly changing. I'm not anywhere near where I'd like to be but thankfully I'm not where I used to be either. I'd love to have this pendant to wear and have teh opportunity to share with others where I've been. :)

  2. I tweeted!!/Melissa_M80

  3. This is beautiful and I just wanted to share that:-) I just sent the link to my hubby with the subject header, " I want this" on it.

  4. What a beautiful pendant and the message it can reach to thousands.. You have a very creative best friend!

  5. My Journey has been up down and all around. But when I lost my son in July of this year God was the ONLY one I could truly grasp to and know that he would guide me through the this journey in my life. Now on Christmas eve Jacob would be 5 months old and as hard as it I know that he will be by my side every step of the way.

  6. My grandmother has been on her own faith journey for the past several years after a lifetime of neglect. I would love to be albe to gift this to her for her awesome achievement!

  7. Beautiful. My faith journey continues to strengthen as I get older. I think it is partly because I am more aware of the crosses that others bear. It reminds me to be thankful for His many blessings and to pray and to help others as much as I am able.
    P.S. I loved your post about confession.

  8. That is so beautiful! Friendship is probably one of the greatest gifts from God :) My faith story is one that began normally. I grew up in church and have continued going throughout my adulthood. But, a couple years ago, I found myself being greatly tested. My husband and I lost a baby at 14 weeks. It was one of the most difficult things I've been through. But, we were able to adopt a sweet little boy and welcomed a precious baby of our own last April. The experiences I've been through have been tough and trying at times, but, it has all been in God's great plan. And, it's worked out lovely! Plus, I now have one more angel waiting for me in heaven :) Thanks for keeping up such an inspiring blog and Merry Christmas!

  9. Oh.My.Gosh. It's perfect! It is a perfect representation.
    My faith journey has been so rocky, and in truth, I'm in a bit of a dark place right now. I keep trying to come to the surface, but it seems all I'm getting is small gasps of air and then I slip back under. I'll get there, because I refuse to stop fighting, but it's been a challenge!

  10. Beautiful piece of jewelry. Love it.

    Faith story: raised Catholic, attended mass weekly until confirmation. Stopped attending except at Easter and Christmas. Eventually stopped attending all together. Bought my home, tried to start attending the same church again but could not get into the routine. Felt distant and alone. Started dating my husband, got engaged, looking for a church to get married in. Still felt distant. Got married in my childhood church, had our son baptized here as well. Never attended services though. Guilt. A few years ago we, through some of my family, found a wonderful Church and so much has changed. We've been through hard times, we've had good times, friendships have been made (and some lost :( ), and our lives have been changing. We've both been growing in our faith. A new love, desire for information and to learn, is there that has never been there before (at least for me).

  11. Oh and here's my tweet:!/LauraPankratz/status/147346740591345664

  12. So beautiful! When I was 11 I was in a terrible car accident. At that time I barely ever wore a seat belt and that particular night I started the journey without one. I was tired and going to take a nap so I put on the seat belt so I wouldn't fall off the seat if my dad hit the breaks. Not more than five miles after I put it on the crash occurred. I actually had broken ribs from the belt, but have no doubt that I would have gone through the windshield and died had I not had it on. We were on my way to see my mom in the hospital who had surgery that day and the Sister from my church gave me an angel ornament to give to her. The ornament was in the ash tray of the car and survived the accident and she is on my tree every year to remind me how God sent an angel that night to get me to put the belt on and watched over me. That experience has given me faith and I know I have a purpose here because I should have died that night.

  13. Oh, I just love it! My faith journey is 5 years in the making. Our journey to parenthood has been the biggest test of my faith, but has also made it grow stronger than I ever imagined. There have been times that there has been nothing to hold to but the promise that we will be blessed. At times, holding to His promises while yelling at God...or even not speaking to Him...knowing that His promises are true and that His plan is perfect, but at the same time being SO ANGRY because I want it done MY WAY! Mature, right? Well, now we are CHOOSING JOY and full of hope for our next step. We have no doubt that we will be parents...and are waiting for that perfect time!

  14. Absolutely love this design and especially the meaning.....

    My faith story begins at a young age. When I was 11, I had three grand-mal seizures that ended with me in a drug induced coma and the possibility of dying. The morning I came out of the coma, I looked at my dad and asked, "Daddy, am I going to die?".
    At this point we had very little answers, and my dad just looked at me with tears in his eyes and said "I don't know sweetie." Then, I grabbed his hand and told him, "It's okay. If I go to Heaven to be with the angels, I will miss you guys, but I will be with them. I'm only sad because I can't take you with me."

    My dad had to flee the room and dropped to his knees begging the Lord not to take me. Since then, I have done my very best to live a life that is pleasing to God. I try to live every day as if it were my last, and always remember to cherish the people you are with, to love them to the ends of the Earth.

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

    Blessings always.

  15. When I was 20 yrs old I lost my first real friend, she was murdered. I got stuck in grief. God brought me out of it. Hes been a constant in my life since then. This year alone He gave me the strength to take each step when I first got real bad sciatica.

  16. My husband and I will be baptized together on January 1st and I can't wait to continue on our journey in faith together!

  17. This piece is absolutely stunning, M. When I read this post I started to cry.

    My faith is being redefined and reshaped this year, and it's been both a painful and beautiful process. Life's circumstances have left me exhausted and broken. I almost walked away from Him and fell into a deep place of darkness and despair. I felt abandoned and forgotten. God met me where I was, and He reached into my place of despair and started to pull me out. He spoke to me and has changed my life forever. I know He is present and that He hears our prayers. I know I'm not alone.

    He continues to refine me - for what, I have no idea! It hurts, and it's scary, but I've put my faith in Him! I have longed for the heart/mind connection and for reasons I don't understand, I couldn't do it myself, so He did it for me.

    God is good. Even when things are crashing around us, He is there. Great is Thy faithfulness!

  18. Beautiful design.

    I'd share my faith story but don't want to take up too much space.

    Highly condensed version: raised in church, had to choose temporary fun/happiness in this life or everlasting joy/happiness in the afterlife. Constant struggle with being accepted by my peers; very lonely teen years. God sees me through and have given me the best christian friends and family.

  19. hey-- are they available for xmas as I would like to get one for the god mothers that we have---thanks Missy,
    Michelle Funk

  20. What a beautiful story and a true testament of faith. I'm a cradle Catholic so I can't ever remember a time that I didn't believe in God but it wasn't until my Confirmation Retreat as a junior in high school that Jesus became real to me. Where I was finally able to recognize the presence of Christ in my peers and my family. This was a turning point in my relationship and now 22 years later I'm still striving to be a better person, a better Christian. I'm much more apt to share my faith with others in fact I have an amazing group of women friends who I meet with weekly and do just that. God is amazing and the people he puts in our paths along the way are truly heaven sent and beautiful blessings. Thank you for asking about our faith journeys. This is pretty condensed but it hits the highlights. Have a beautiful and blessed Advent & Christmas.

  21. That is gorgeous and an amazingly meaningful piece of jewelry! I LOVE it. I gave been a Christian for a long time...since childhood, but recently, as I went through a miscarriage, I have felt how true it is that God uses the "bad" times to smooth away the roughness to polish our faith.

  22. Beautiful...jewelery with great sentiment and meaning is the only kind I own. A reminder of God's love when one feels far away...
    Julie W

  23. Thank you for this giveaway! I agree that this could be a beautiful witnessing tool :).

  24. I'm so moved by everyone's testimonies! Thank you, M, for such a beautiful blog post about the Becoming Collection! I'm so honored with what God is doing through the jewelry. By the way, M, YOU'RE the bestest Bestie in the world :)

    Just wanted to let those know who were asking, yes the Becoming jewelry is available for purchase by calling J.F. Kruse Jewelers (or stopping in if you're in the ST. Cloud area :) They will have online ordering available in a few short weeks, but calling is the best way for now. 320.253.4755 or 877.884.1585

    love, Tara

  25. kasmith03 Kristin Smith
    I am constantly #BecomingInChrist and would love to win a gorgeous charm from @5crookedhalos!

    I tweeted (kasmith03) - I couldn't figure out how to copy the actual link....

  26. What a beautiful post, friend and symbol of her faith walk!!

    God has walked with me for may years. I was married VERY young (21), had a son right away and was unprepared for marriage and motherhood. My husband and I struggled for many many years - but 5 years ago we recommitted our lives and marriage to Christ and our family hasn't been the same. We still struggle, it isn't perfect but we have a united focus and that has made all the difference!!

  27. What a beautiful pendant! Absolutely Gorgeous!

  28. Hey girl....i love your bestie too! And my journey is on my blog somewhere. ;)


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