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Five Question Friday!! 9/30/11

It's FRIIIIIIIIDAY! And, it's Homecoming in our neck of the woods...the kids are pumped for the parade (i.e. the candy), The Pal is totally school spirited out:

And I'm hoping I can stay awake long enough to make it through the game! Not counting on a win. Last year was our school's first Homecoming win since, like, football was invented. Or in 30 years. Something like that. This year's season? Pretty bleak.

Bleak as in "the opposite of undefeated".

Oh well.

Anyway, I know it's a little early to start partying, but let's get this one started!

Rules for Five Question Friday: Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then watch for the linky post to appear tomorrow morning and LINK UP! And remember, it's not 5QF if you're not having fun!!! (PS...some people have been doing a Twitter version of question per tweet, 140 characters, quick, fun, easy!)

Questions for Friday, September 30th: (Special thanks to @katieb38, @unkeptcook, @thepioneerwoman [okay, so she really didn't submit it, but I got the inspiration from her "pot" giveaway], Sandy, and Pam for their question suggestions! I LOVE linking to other blogs and I would LOVE to link YOU in a future 5QF, so if you have any question suggestions, would you come over to my community discussion or watch for my Twitter shout out and offer up your best question suggestions? If you go the Twitter route, remember to @5crookedhalos me and use hashtag #5QF!)

1. Do you apologize to your kids if you're wrong?

2. Do you have a class ring, Letterman's jacket, or similar obscenely priced high school "must have"?

3. If you could be one age for the rest of your life, what age would you choose?

4. What is your favorite (unused) baby name?

5. If you could make your child like something what would it be?


1. Do you apologize to your kids if you're wrong?

Well, this question implies that I would have to be wrong at some point, which I never am, so it's pretty much a moot point. ;)

However, hypothetically speaking, if I were to ever be wrong, yes. I would apologize.

My oldest son had a hang up with apologizing once upon a time (he's since out grown it, PTL) and I still find myself going overboard with the "I'm sorry" (that would be "sore-y" in MinneSOOOOta-nese). Gotta make a point, dontchaknow.

2. Do you have a class ring, Letterman's jacket, or similar obscenely priced high school "must have"?

Nope. Nada.

I remember looking at the catalogs and thinking those fancy rings looked pretty, well, fancy, but for some reason (maybe my parents said I'd hafta pay for it?) I never ended up buying one.

Best decision ever. 'Cuz, lemme see a show of hands of people who still wear their class ring.

Uh huh. That's what I thought.

As for a Letterman's jacket...well, a "Letterman" would imply that one was actually good at sports, much less IN them.

None of which I was after my sophomore year of high school (***fab future 5QF question suggestion alert! Someone, offer up this question so I can give credit to you!***)...actually, the whole "being good at sports" never really existed with me.

Unless you consider crafting mile high bangs a sport, in which case I TOTALLY LETTERED!!

3. If you could be one age for the rest of your life, what age would you choose?

So The Pioneer Woman had this giveaway for a beautiful Le Creuset Pot (btw, if I ever get rich and famous off this blog, I promise I will totally go all Pioneer Woman on you and host amazing giveaways to thank you for your support...)...and this question was the prompt for that giveaway!

My answer over there:

25. Old enough to be somewhat responsible, but still utterly, and completely, young.

I'd probably settle for 28, too.

Or, heck, anything under 30 but over 20.

4. What is your favorite (unused) baby name?

Oh, I LOVE baby names!

My favorite girl name lately is Cecily. But, really, I just like pretty, old fashioned girl names.

Boy names? Those are hard. Really, I don't have any favorite boy names. When Baby Girl was born, the only boy name we could come up with was "Ezra", which I like, but it's a tad "out there" for us.

So, it's a good thing she was a girl!

5. If you could make your child like something what would it be?

Ooooh, oooooh, oooooh!! I know! I know.


Or, wait. Giving back massages to their weary and stressed out mother.

Hold it...does this "like something" also mean that they are good at it? 'Cuz yeah...back massages.

Sock sorting.


Hell, even just putting their laundry in the appropriate receptacle would be nice.

But, let's go with "Cleaning for 1,000, Alex." That pretty much covers all of my woes.


Enjoy your weekend, peeps!


  1. I have never had a problem with it before, but I can't get the linky thing to show up on my site, it is just invisible for some reason...anyone else having problems?

  2. Enjoyed your witty answers, as always!

  3. hey, I have an idea for a 5QF.... how about...
    what sports did you play in high school if any and do you still play them

    WOW wonder where I got the idea, lol!

    my dear friend (7 kids) has a daughter named cecilia and a son named ezra:) so funny you had the same names

    getting my ?s done now
    happy friday

  4. So I completely waited until after I did my blog post to read yours and i kinda laughted and was like aww because I so have the same boy name! I love Ezra James one of my friends whom I use to go to school with has chosen that name for her little boy and since finding it out I just love it.... n kinzlea for a little girl:) have a great weekend

  5. I think the last question should totally be "If you could make your HUSBAND like something, what would it be?" I have a lot more ideas for that one. LOL You know, like romance and housework and cooking and buying expensive gifts for no reason and babysitting the kids while you have a spa day, etc. ;0)


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