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It's Football Season!

I've said it before and I'll say it again,
The kid in the foreground is a nice young man!

How's that for a rhyme? Don't steal it, m'kay? 'Cuz I know you want to.

Football season is in full swing. Early morning weight lifting, after school practices, team meals, Friday night games. Whoa nelly. This kid is busy!

He made the Varsity team...kind of. Turns out 4 of the starters on his team got "minors" (you know, those violations that occur when you consume alcohol prior to the legal age?) which gets them suspended, which gave The Pal the opportunity to play on Varsity!

I told him now's his time to shine!

Kinda like when a really good pro-athlete gets hurt and a rookie comes up to fill in and he totally nails the job and suddenly the pro-athlete is worried about his position?

Yeah, like that.

Anyway, I have a bit of a hard time with football. For one, it's cold. For two, there's a slew of armored kids running after mine trying their hardest to slam him to the ground. For three, I don't get it. For four, the concession stand isn't open nearly enough. For five, I don't understand why The Pal doesn't want me to yell at the kid that just smashed him. Jerk face kid.

Not the Pal, the smasher-downer.

However, there is one thing I really like about football. And that is getting to practice my action shots!

I call this:

"You Can't Have that Ball, Jerkface Kid in the Red Helmet"

And I call this:


And then there's this one I've titled:

Alternately Titled:

Erm, oh no...I think I suffer from competitiveness. Help.


  1. we are not big sports fans but we have begged pleaded and begged and bribed my 14 year old 6 ft 2 son to play. he refuses. It is the one sport I would love to watch.

  2. This is the most classic example of the old adage - America and the UK are two nations separated by a common language!

    It's football season over here too but, of course, we mean something totally different ;-)

    I love those shots from your Son's match. And so much is the same - at the moment everyone who is making the first team at my football club is dreading getting sent-off or picking up an injury because the competition for places is so strong. Lose your place and you don't know if you'll get it back.

    Love the motherly cooments about the Weasel ;-)

    Nice post - hope your Son has a good season.

  3. LOL, right away when I read your title, before I read the post I said to myself, she is not a "real" football fan if she is just now saying it's football season, it started a month ago with the NFL preseason, college football is two and a half weeks in. It's great that your son is on varsity, way to go The Pal!

  4. Awwwwww.... I can't wait till my 2 year old can play football. We LOVE it, and even my two year old tells me how he will score touchdowns. And I'm pretty sure I'll be like you... yelling at the other kids. Lord help me! ha!

  5. I just have trouble caring even one dwiddly about football. However, your post made me laugh. There are not enough opportunities for laughter so I thank you for that!


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