Sunday, July 3, 2011

My 15 Minutes (Seconds?) of Fame...

I was originally going to post the Mr. Wonderfulest winner today...but something more urgent came up.

Something, hilarious.

And fun.

And, well, hilarious.

Remember this photo?

Yeah, well...I decided that I'd submit it to The Pioneer Woman's "Funny Face" assignment. Insane hair, snaggle tooth...a generation of girls in their mid 30's giggling along with me because THEY, too, once had hair (or aspired to have hair) like that.

Well, guess what? I made it to her "Finalist" list with an "Honorable Mention"!! Makes me smile that so many people appreciate my misuse of AquaNet and my single-handed destruction of the ozone layer.

Oh, and props to my mom and dad for letting me out of the house during that phase of my life! Talk about unconditional love...


  1. PRICELESS!!! :) Enjoy the fame, dear. It's so fleeting. ;)

  2. I saw this and thought it was too funny too. so glad you got a honorable mention.

  3. You should so send this to the Ellen show for the "Bad Paid for Photos" segment!!


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