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First Day of Kindergarten...4th Time Around!

Boy, lemme tell you how different it is to send your 4th baby off to kindergarten compared to your first.


1. A.) With my first baby, I tearily said good-bye to him as he got on the bus...then I ran down the street, with my arms outstretched crying and wailing, chasing after the vehicle that was taking my firstborn away. When I realized the bus wasn't going to stop, I walked back home, ate 47 donuts and cried myself back to sleep.

B.) With my fourth baby, HE excitedly said "ADIOS, MAMACITA!!!", could barely contain his excitement for one photo, much less 47, hardly had time for a kiss good-bye, and was off like a bolt with the big kids. Me? I happily waved, sad to see yet another of my babies off to school, but content that he was so excited. Then, I went back to bed to snuggle with my sole kiddo left at home.

2. A.) With my first baby, I worried all dang day whether or not he had made his bus switch and gotten to school. Well, except for when I was sleeping...drugged by a snotty, messy cry and a bunch of fried dough, but too proud to call to check up on him.

B.) With my fourth baby, I didn't worry if he made it to school, 'cuz we've learned in our old age that "nothing good happens on the bus" and daddy now brings the babies to school. Also, he has two other siblings to help him out at school, which means, mama can rest easy.

3. A.) I waited nervously at the end of the driveway for my first baby to get off the bus. I think I even called the bus company when the bus was 13.2 seconds late. But I'll never admit to that for sure and you can't make me tell you.

B.) Because we learned that "nothing good ever happens on the bus", Mama picks up the babies from school and doesn't have to worry about late drop-offs and what-the-heck could be keeping the bus driver from dropping off our kids in a timely fashion necessitating me to remap the bus route so as to ensure our kids get dropped off first. Not last. And certainly, not late.

Crazy, much?

Nope, just a first time mom vs. a more experienced one! (Disclaimer: The Pal's first day of school is today...and Hambone has today off. So, our first "real" taste of a school day, with all 4 kids in school and baby at home, won't be until tomorrow!)

How was your kiddos' first day of school?


  1. He sounds so excited. I love your pictures.

    I would love for you to link this post to my Back to School Traditions link up!

  2. My last baby's first day is tomorrow. That is when you can see the flood gates open. I already get all teary JUST thinking about it right at this moment. I'm a little scared of myself, haven't been home alone for 16 years!

    It sounds like you grew up a little by your last one....good for you! Have a great day!

  3. Our first day of school was last week. Our son LOVES this school, so transition is a breeze!

  4. Just wait until you write your post about the difference between taking the first and last to COLLEGE! And it will be here before you know it. Trust me. :)

  5. How sweet! I def was a little more relaxed the second time around. I actually did not tear when I walked my little girl in for her first day. I think it helps that I went to the same school and I know alot of the teachers. So I knew she would be fine.

  6. Hey! Wanted to tell you about the fruit fly solution over here! Take a glass of wine, place saran wrap over the top, take a fork and poke one set of holes in the saran wrap, place the glass in the main area you have problems! The flies are attracted to the wine, go in the glass through the holes and are then trapped and they pretty much drown!!! It works great! We already have most of ours gone after just a few hours!!

  7. At least he let you get some pictures - even if you did have to tie him down!!


  8. Love it! Here is to a great year!

  9. Thank you so much for linking up!


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