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Holy man alive. I need to get on here and purge my brain.

Today, has sucked.

Woke up with a Baby Girl who had CLEARLY woken up on the wrong side of the bed. I'm pretty sure, if you add up cumulative bouts of crying, her crying time far outweighs her happy time today.

Hambone has been an instigator. Picking, prodding, poking, annoying his sister until she cries. (See above.)

Then, I went to do laundry and discovered clothes that were far more wet than they should've been and realized that our washing machine's spin cycle isn't working.

This is what I looked like after that discovery:

All through this has been the looming realization that tonight's the night. The night that we start teaching the tender and heavy topic of "Theology of the Body" to a bunch of teenagers that my husband says "are like aliens" to him.

And we're not as ready as I'd like to be.

And my husband said he won't be home until 5:30. Which leaves us approximately 60 minutes to eat, feed our children, pick up the kitchen, and get our lesson together for tonight. Not to mention that I really, really, really want to do a good job at this.

Then, I forgot that it was an early release day at school, rushed off to pick up my children, almost got hit by a car (not my fault, big thanks to God for getting me out of that one), went to The WalMarts and was needled by all four children with me, with "Mom, can we get this?" "Mom, is that for the kids tonight?" "Mom, why do THEY get that?" "Mom" "Mom" "MOM" "MOM" "MOM" "MOM".

We came home, started cleaning up, and suddenly a blood curdling scream. Breath holding, inability to talk...bruised and bloodied E.W. finger that had gotten slammed in a door. (Didn't top last night's scissors episode...but that's another story.)

It was at that point that the tears started.

My tears.

And so, I'm sorry that I subjected you all to my negativity, but to be honest, I feel better. Feels better to get it out. To write it down. To free my brain from the clutter and yuck that was in there today.

Oh, and I just burned the dip for tonight.


Here's to a better day tomorrow! (I'll be at work...not sure if that's good or bad!!)


  1. I'm glad to be here to lend you a listening ear....

  2. Ugh, I am so sorry, sounds like a rough day. Tomorrow will be better :) Good luck tonight!

  3. HAng in there! Be sure to pray before your talk tonight- God will guide your words. Big hugs to you my cyber neighbor.

  4. I have had several of these ventage posts lately too, and you are right, they really do make me feel better. Vent away and move on, I hope you feel better soon!

  5. I'm sorry that you've had a bad day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Glad to hear that the glass went well. HUGS to you.

  6. Tomorrow will be better - just hand on to that thought.

  7. blogging is a great outlet:-) Here is to a better day!

  8. so sorry about your sucky day. if it makes you feel any better, your blog made my day a little happier =)
    haven't been in bloggy world for a while so it's good to be back. you are just too funny and always make me laugh!


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