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Sunday Serenade...

"I know it late. I know you're lonely. I know your plans, don't include me. But still here we are. Both of us *hmm hmm* *la da dee daaaa*, why don't you stay?"


Didja like it? I've got a wonderful singing voice. Perhaps you've heard it before?

Anyway. Weekend = LOVE! Had a great one. Discovered that our garden is going to be bountiful (as long as this "early blight" doesn't wipe out our tomatoes...), enjoyed our church bazaar, celebrated my father-in-law's (should that be capitalized?) 70th birthday, and discovered something.

Something good.

Something good for me.

See, I've long thought I hated running. Ranked it right up there with bike riding (I'd rather poke myself in the eyes with hot pokers while sliding down a razor blade into a pool of alcohol, than ride a bike. It hurts me butt bones.). But I've had enough with being lumpy.

I have a destination wedding to attend in 5 months. On a beach. In Mexico. I WILL be wearing a bikini...and I WILL be looking decent enough in it to feel good about wearing a bikini in Mexico.

So, after "talking" (you can call emails "talking" right?) with Amanda, my inspiration, I went for a run. And you know what?

It wasn't half bad! I dare say I even enjoyed it! So I did it again the next day! TWO WHOLE DAYS! (I know, whoopie. Woo hoo. Two days. Big deal.)

My secret? Music.

Forever and ever, whenever I run (ran?), my breathing has screwed me up. I get so caught up in hearing myself breath (I know, stop laughing) that I just said, "BAH! Forget it. I quit. This sucks. Gimme a bag of chips."

Well, me and a little "Dynamite" and a bit of Katy Perry and some "Stuck Like Glue" and we did it. My route is just over a mile and half, but I figure it's a good way to ease into it. Plus, there's this very daunting hill, which I walk up, and it has become my goal to run up that damn hill. Once I conquer the hill, we're on to longer treks!

Now, I'm off to get some beauty rest. Big day tomorrow. The Pal starts his District Baseball play-offs, Hambone has the summer bug that has coursed through our town, and I've, well, I've just gotta manage it all.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


  1. I love to run! I used to run when I was younger, but after having babies I stopped running. Once I get more of this weight off...I'm running again! Have fun!!

  2. I have never enjoyed running either, but I plan to start this fall after I have my last baby. I figure its a good way to get in shape plus it gets me out of the house for a bit, so its a win-win! We'll see if I actually do it though. Good luck with your goal of running up the hill!

  3. Good for you! I hate running with a passion. I can walk with the best of them (quite a feat, right?) but running and I are not friends. I keep thinking I should, but I have a million excuses not to. Gotta give it a go, though!

  4. I've been having this little battle inside my head about this very thing. I know better than to tell anyone who really KNOWS me that I'd like to try running. They'd only die of heart failure...or lack of oxygen from laughing so hard. But I DO! I want to TRY it. I might hate it, I might not. So you've given me that little push I needed. The kids will be back in school in just under three weeks (BOO!) and I'm gonna try going for a run after I drop them off. I'll let you know how it goes. ;)

  5. Yay Mama!! I LOVE to run....hooked up the treadmill in the garage and when the baby's napping I get my sweat on with Lady Gaga!!!

  6. Well, I've been trying this running thing for a while now and I still don't love it. I love how I feel when I'm done-but it's agonizing the whole time. I will say that I love the Podrunner intervals-gets you running a 5k gradually. It's great.
    My advice? Run that hill now. Then it'll train your body to run that hill faster. You can do it.


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