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My name is Mama

Hi. My name is Mama. (Whoa. Time out. Oh my word. Have you heard the "My name is Joe" nursery rhyme? "Hi. My name is Joe. And I a button factory, I have a dog, a wife and a fam-I-ly. One day..." that one? Have you heard it? Cuz those first two sentences totally reminded me of it. Um, well hello major digression...)

Starting over...

Hi. My name is Mama, and I have a little bit of what you'd call a *insert air quotes here* "procrastination problem".

Case in point: We need a babysitter for Friday night. Have I called one yet? Nope.


Second case in point: The Pal needs to start doing some "Behind the Wheel" training. I called on Monday, all chipper and clueless, "HI! Can I, like, totally sign my son up for a session on Friday?" And he was all, "Um. Lady. My first opening is September 2nd." And I was all, "Oh. So Friday doesn't work?"


Third case in point: Our family vacation. We've sort of, tentatively, kind of decided on going back to the Black Hills. Only our camper had some major mouse damage (more on that later) over the winter and we're undecided about fixing it vs. trashing it so we thought we'd call up some SD State Park campgrounds and book ourselves a cozy little camper cabin.

For July 28th.

Yes, of this year.

Yes, as in 14 days away.

Guess what? You'll never believe this.

They're booked. Booked right completely up.

Doesn't the Universe know it's supposed to make things available to my every whim, idea, thought, and fancy?

Get with the program Universe. I've got plans to make.

At the last minute. And I need your full cooperation.

Over'n out.

Procrastinarily yours,


  1. Oh, do I hear you! These days from sports to vacation to whatever if you don't give it a YEARS advance you are in trouble. And, if you ever talk to other Mom's about this issue they look at you like you as if you are nuts for they are sooooooo WITH IT they NEVER have this issue. I hear YOU!

  2. I know that song, but I heard another version. "Hi. My name is Joe. And I a button factory, I have a wife and 2 kids. One day my boss said to me. Are you busy Joe? I said No. He said then push this button with your right hand."

    I drove my parents crazy with that song. OH! And Magalina Hagalina Ooka Toka Waka Toka Ug A Pug A Wug Uh was her name.

  3. You sound as bad as me! We are supposed to go on vacation NEXT WEEK and I haven't even done any reservation making! I too wish life would realize that it needs to work around me, because I don't do so well working around it!

  4. kind of know what ya mean...since I am sitting here, browsing my favourite blogs and sipping coffee - after sleeping in - while hubby is outside playing with the kids. Usually I am all "gotta go, gotta get it done, move, move, move..." but lately, I've been sitting back and seeing if anyone will pick up the slack.
    judging from the pile of laundry and the dirty kitchen floor.....guessing it is just waiting for me.
    Mamas deserve to slow down and enjoy life every now and then.

  5. I have the tendency to procrastinate as well, but mainly with work stuff! As I am sitting here reading blogs instead of doing my stack of work...

    And of course now I cannot concentrate at all because I'm singing a song in my head... "Hello, my name is Joe...."

  6. Oh I know...Last Minute Linda here! (smile)

    Sorry things are not working out for you kiddo. But hang in there. Just try another plan!

    Love ya,
    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  7. New to your blog and loving it! Sorry about the plans! I am the same way! :0) Adorable fam!

  8. I hear ya Mama M! I have procrastinated just about everything for our 4 day trip to visit fam/go to a wedding TOMORROW. The laundry is at least finishing, but no packing is done or anything. We aren't leaving until late afternoon, thankfully, so that will help.

    But I was wondering *crosses fingers, speaks real sweet* if we were getting our Thursday 5QF Sneak Peek. Please, pretty please with a cherry on top and sprinkles??? See, I need to get mine up so it can auto-post tomorrow.

    Thanks a million and two!!! Jennifer

  9. Early Sturgis traffic will do that! You want to avoid the Black Hills during the last week of July/first couple weeks of August!

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