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Summertime in MinneSOOOOta

I know I've mentioned it before, but summer is what we MinneSOOOOOtans live for. And, I'm more convinced than ever, after this amazing weekend we just had, that you truly haven't lived until you've spent some time on a Minnesota lake on a gorgeous summer day.

We spent the 4th at Dr. J and Mr. C's home. They live on a quaint little lake that is absolutely the most family friendly lake you've ever seen.

The weather was PHENOMENAL.

Then, on Tuesday, we spent more time on another local lake (remember, Minnesota's got 10,000 lakes, give or take a few thousand...) that has to be one of the prettiest around.

We took the kidlets out to fish...and after a few snappy words exchanged by the Mr. and I ("Well, my DAD does it this way!" "Well, let ME try it this way!" That sort of thing...) and a brief, yet extremely un-fun, melt down by the three year old, we were set.

Except when any waves came along and rocked the boat...whoever was over 4 feet tall and closest to Baby Girl had to drop whatever it was they were holding (fish, snacks, diamonds, you name it...) and hold her until the waves passed. Comical, really, when I think about it..."WAVES!!!! Quick, someone hold the baby!!!", or else it was all tears and "I WANNA GO HOME!!"


A picnic on the boat, lots of itty bitty fish caught and released, and we were on our way off the lake...only to realize that not only did we choose to visit a lake that was hosting a fishing tournament, but we also chose to get off the lake at the very time that the tournament ended. It was like "Night of the Living Dead"...only is was dusk, and instead of zombies, it was boats coming out of nowhere.


And, really, what are the stinkin' chances?! Makes me laugh...last year it was our ill timed trip to the Black Hills and then we take our family out fishing for the first time ever and we pick the lake with the fishing tournament and leave when it ends.

I think I need to play the lottery more often! Such is life...and, I've found, that it makes things more interesting. Life isn't just about the destination, it's about the journey...and the journey sure is a lot more fun when it's filled with interesting things!

Whoa, digression there...

Anway, what I wanted to say was:

You can't beat summer in Minnesota...on a lake...with the ones you love.


  1. Looks like a blast! Love the pictures!

  2. I couldn't agree more. MN is beautiful in the summer. It has to be to make up for the dreadful winters. And the best ending to a MN summer is a trip to the state fair!

  3. looks like a good time! Our 4th was beautiful as well when 90 percent of the time it rains. So, we felt blessed too!

  4. We have spent a lot of time on the lakes around here, too. Fishing! My pole is pink and white.... I love it. I'm glad you had such a blast! one question though..... Where was The Pal?

  5. My dad is moving from St. Paul to Hawaii today. Guess the summer just wasnt enough to make him endure another freezing cold winter. We live in TN, so thats a cold I cant even imagine.

  6. I love the way you write Minnesoooooota! I say it in my head and it cracks me up :)
    Great pictures and looks like a nice getaway!

  7. That is what we put up with the horrible 7 months, and the ok other 3 months for. It is worth it in my book but sometimes I need reminding of that in the middle of February.

    Beautiful pictures!


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