Monday, December 28, 2009

The BEST Christmas Ever!


Why does Christmas hafta end? I love completes me.

I look forward to Christmas year round, I've actually figured out that we have 361 more days until next Christmas. The countdown is on!

I totally made one heckuva motherload of a haul this year! Wow...I'm still amazed! Although...I coulda gone without the stomach flu we received...

Mr. Wonderful (have I mentioned how wonderful he is?!!), got me this:

And I have named him, "Marlboro Man" (the mixer, not Mr. Wonderful).

Okay, I didn't. I just had to throw that in for Kate. She makes me laugh.

But, wow. Isn't he handsome? (I'm figuring it's a he...since he's gonna do all my hard work for me...and, yes, I am a princess at heart, and not ashamed to have a big strapping guy come to my rescue.)

Mr. Wonderful...being the goofball that he is...wrapped one of his 20lb dumbbells in a KitchenAid mixer sized box. To throw me off:

He had me laughing so hard...I was afraid my bladder of steel would actually give out!

And, my parents? They got me these:

Adorable, aren't they?!! I love 'em...but, for 140 bucks, I think I might trade 'em in...even my mom's encouraging me too! I saw the price, gasped and said, "140 bucks?!!!!!"...she said, "I know...for a sweater with sole!"

So, looks like I'll be trading 'em in...for something more practical, still cute, and needed more than another pair of Uggs...I mean, how many Uggs does a girl need?!! But, dang!! They are sooooo stinkin' cute.

Adorably cute.

And, they'd go great with my new brown jacket.

Not to mention, they're all soft and fuzzy on the inside...and so cute! Have I mentioned that? That they're cute?

Now, I'm torn.

Ugh. Decisions. They get me every time.


  1. Mixers like that are wonderful! Enjoy it.

  2. That is so clever of hubby! Great idea!

    Um I vote keep um!! So cute! Love me some Uggs!

  3. I love my mixer like that! - Mine is the same color. LOL I would SO keep the sweater boots. ADORABLE!

  4. I have a weird habit of naming my stuff. I think its a sickness, really.

    Jealous of the mixer and that's all I'll say about that.

    So forgive my totally lame un-coolness...but are those uggs SHOES or SLIPPERS? Sorry..I did say I was uncool. I live in sneakers period.

  5. Love the mixer!!! I want one!!! :)

  6. Love love love those Uggs! Dont get rid of them!! (unless you need the mula to get some clothes or something fun...) they are totally cute though!

  7. I'm still jealous about the mixer, I don't know why...I don't bake or anything but it still looks sweet!

    LOVIN the uggs, good luck dear on that decision, gad I'm not the one making it! :)

    OH and also, I love that your kids would rather walk around naked too. :)

  8. Dude! keep the Uggs! They're super cute! Or send them to me!

    As for the mixer..I would love a kitchen aid, but it'd be all for show..:-)

  9. I love love love my kitchen aid.
    As for the Uggs, it's a toss up...Cuteness factor is at a max but the moola would be nice too.

  10. I don't like the word "adorable" sounds like "a door bell"...I still use it, but it just sounds funny. As for your Marlboro Man...I'm jealous!! I have wanted one for so long...but I don't know where I'd keep it even if I did get one!


  11. What a sneaky hubby! I love it!

    They are super cute...I would keep them. lol

  12. I would soooo keep the boots... they rock!

    As for your Marlboro Man, I'm a bit envious. I want, no, need one of those myself.

  13. Mixer envy!!!

    I'd love a pretty stainless one like that. Or should I say handsome..

    Those Uggs look comfy, but for that much I'd have doubts too. Good luck deciding!

  14. Haha. I have those same shoes(Except mine are blue striped.)

  15. First off, you are too stinkin cute! Second, I LOVE my mixer. Third, the making of a great gift is something you wouldn't spend money on for yourself...hence the uggs. Keep 'em...if you haven't already traded them in.


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