Friday, December 18, 2009

Wish me fun!!



I will be walking through MckMama's doors (I promise, I'll knock first...), bearing the most amazing bars known to mankind (more on these later...),

my world famous Taco Salad Dip,

a Christmas-y tablecloth ('s red and white...well, it's supposed to be red and's more red and pinkish...),

and me trusty-side kick, Mr. Nikon (sorry, no photo...).

My bestie will be by my side, and we are gonna have one heckuva good time!

Stay tuned for Twittering and (later) a little post!!


  1. Have fun.... and your food looks delicious.

    I just get to send my son to his friends house then entertain my daughter by making fudge.....

    I think you will have more fun than me ;)

  2. Don't have too much fun for too long, 'cuz we need you to come back and post a recipe for these bars...


  3. JEALOUS!!! I'd love to go to Mckmama's house :) Hope you have... had?...I guess it's had, cuz when you read this you'll be home again... SO I hope you haD a great time tonight!

  4. I love me some Mckmama! She is awesome. Her kids are adorable!

    And I want that recipe for the DIP..I am a dip person. I would rather sit down and eat some dip as to have anything else! Yum! Yum! (Not kidding...I buy about 4-5 containers of dip at a time and make some at home too!!!!!)

  5. Hope you are having and have had a blast. I'm UBER jealous, to meet you, Mckmama and Jamie all in the same night, I probably would have fallen flat out. Good thing I'm stuck in VA in the snow...

  6. Had SO much fun, Mama M! Thank you for letting me tag along to the real life gathering of bloggers--AWESOME people, great food and fun conversation--plus it was a fun night with my Bestie :)

    Love you!

  7. Hey! It was awesome meeting you tonight! I didn't get to try your awesome bars, but your taco dip was delish.
    So ya, it's almost 1am and I'm still awake! Driving the hour and a half home woke me up I guess :) Raven slept the whole way and she is back to sleep right now.
    I think I shall go join her!
    Again, great meeting you!
    Thanks for helping take care of Raven, too :)

  8. Is there any of those fabulous bars left for me?

  9. I totally made your taco dip for Christmas party this week and it was a hit! :) It was so easy to make, too. I'm making it again for a Christmas party this weekend. Thanks for the recipe.

  10. It was fun to meet you! Your bars we delish!!!

  11. It was so wonderful to meet you! Hoping your Saturday is wonderful :)

  12. Mama M..those bars look decadent! Happy holidays to you all!

  13. That taco dip looks amazing!! Hope you have/had a great time!


  14. I can't help but be envious that you got to meet Kami!!! I've got a few more months to go before I make my way to the frozen tundra to meet her... can't wait!

  15. Where is the recipe for those delicious looking bars...craving!

  16. I wish I could have gone, I was already until something changed.

    Hope you had the best time!!

  17. Ummm, the bars....A.MAZ.ING! Oh and you totally were too! Had such a great time, I wish we could do it once a month. :) I hope you got some good pictures, I got ONE! haha Also, Bestie Tara is super cool, so glad she came!!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  18. So much fun meeting you and your bestie, Tara! What a hoot hollarin good time! seriously, I'm with Laura, should be a monthly thing! Ok, I'll settle for quarterly. Any who, can't wait to see pics!
    Oh and the bars...FANTASTIC!!!!


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