Thursday, December 17, 2009

If it Ain't Broke...

Don't fix it, right?!!

Or no?

I mean...I was just thinkin' (and that thar's a scary, thinkin', and all)...but, I was.

Thinkin' that is.

So, when you fix something, it means it's broken, no? I wouldn't fix something that wasn't broken right?


It makes me laugh...this whole "fix" many ways to use it:
"I'm fixin' to get a move on..."
"I want to fix you up..."
"I've gotta fix my hair..."
"We fixed the dog..."
"My hubby's fixed..."'s the last one that really got me. And, lemme just say..."I ain't passin' no judgement!!!" In fact...we're in that last category...if you know what I mean...*wink wink*!

But, here's what was coursing through my little brain...if something's broken...then you fix it right? You fix an engine, you fix a lamp...see what I mean? And, on the flip side...something is broken if it doesn't work the way it is supposed to, right?

Right? (Well, unless we're talkin' horses...'cuz you "break" a horse, to make it work right...right? Or not...I dunno much about horses...)

But...if you fix a...well, let's say a human...aren't you really breaking it? I're making it not work the way it's supposed, shouldn't we really say, "My hubby's broken?"..."We broke my hubby?"

Or...if you live in my neck of the woods, sub "busted" for "broken"'ll fit right in.

As in..."my hubby's busted"...oh, wait. That could have other connotations.

Connotations that include things like jail cells or angry women running after their husband's car with a golf club, causing him to crash into a fire hydrant and a tree...hypothetically, you know. Yeah...busted can mean a lot of things, too.

We won't go there...

So, really broken.

I think I'm gonna start a new thing...", is your hubby broken?" "You gonna get broken?"

Or, maybe...perhaps, I won't.

It's a curse to live with this brain of mine...'s a curse.

Later dudes...


  1. But the question is... Is it fixed, or still broken?

  2. The same train of thought goes into the fact that we say we get our pets "fixed." Hmmmm.

  3. Whoa you lost me! :) That's alot of thinking! Let the brain breathe for a moment after that post! lol Mine hurts a little!

  4. Yeah I got kinda lost there too for a few minutes. :)

  5. Isn't it crazy what our brains come up with when we aren't paying attention...or maybe you WERE paying attention...see, craziness is everywhere!



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