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iPhone 4G vs. 4S...Help a sister out.

Never before have I so eagerly anticipated anything Apple has promised to announce. Never.

So, yesterday was a first for me. I obsessively checked Twitter. Like OBSESSIVELY. I went to the AT&T store to get the Pal's phone fixed (SIM card issue) and tried to casually ask about any news.

Instead, I'm pretty sure it came out something like this, "OHMIGOSH. TWITTER WON'T TELL ME, HAVE YOU HEARD ANYTHING?! ANYTHING? ANYTHING AT ALL? A HINT? A WHISPER? YOU REALLY DO KNOW, DONTCHA?" accompanied by crazy, frenzied eyes and manic hand gestures.

Later in the day, after checking Twitter ('cuz you know, Twitter knows everything FIRST) 8,384,927 times, I finally saw the announcement.

4S. Not the 5. No virtual keyboard. No phone that will clean my house. "Just" a 4S.

Which leaves me wondering what a girl like me, with an archaic 3G (not to be confused with the slightly less archaic 3GS), should do.

Buy a $99 4G, and do the software upgrade? (Did that with my 3G when the 4G came out and it destroyed my 3G.)

Spend the extra $$ for the $199 4S?

I'll be honest, "Siri" is totally wooing me. He's (she?) telling me how pretty I am and how funny I am and how smart I am, all in hopes that I'll fall in love with him (her?) and take the 4S plunge. But, talks to you dudes.

We are talking total "Jetson's" material here. As in, "Do I need an umbrella today?" and Siri says something like, "Sure looks like rain!"

But then again, I could get the 4G right now. (Instant gratification anyone?)

But then again, the 4S has a better camera.


What is a girl to do?


  1. I'm preordering the 4S on Friday! And then it comes out the 14th. I also have the stone-aged 3G, so if you can stand to wait slightly more than a week, I think it's totaly worth it!

    I must say that I was pretty disappointed that we won't be getting the iPhone 5 though...

  2. Yeah, Ali...I was totally wanting that virtual keyboard that I heard all about!!

  3. considering I don't even own a smart phone, I'm not even sure my opinion will matter much. If I were you, from what I am reading about the new iphone, it looks like the upgrades aren't really that superior to the 4G. I'd save your $100 and spend it on something else, and just get the 4G.

  4. Since the phones go on preorder this week and then come out the 14th...i think you should wait. It's only 9 days ;)

    I too was disappointed that it wasn't the iphone 5, but since I don't have any iphone yet, I'll happily take the 4S.

  5. I have an iPhone 4, but plan to do the software upgrade. We just got my phone back in May. Hubs was hoping the iPhone 5 would be announced, but alas it wasn't. So, he's going to wait for as long as he can before deciding what to do. Let's keep our fingers crossed his feature phone can hang in there. It has serious issues at times. On the bright spot, it hasn't been shutting itself off and on at random. I think it wised up after hearing us talk about replacing it with the iPhone. =D Good luck!

  6. love my 4. I don't know what you have, but if it isn't a smartphone, you'll pretty happy with it just as it is, I think. Smartphones in general are a game changer. Enjoy the possibilities :)

  7. I would go for the new one (4s), then you know that any upgrade in the next 1-2 years will work fine.

  8. I'm going through the same thing as you! I still don't know which one...I really don't want to wait...

  9. I am waiting for the 4S! I, like you, was attached to my computer watching CNNtech's twitter page and messaging my friend any time something new was posted. The 4 will upgrade, but I want the better camera and dual-core processor. I'm so excited to get rid of my dinosaur blackberry (that currently isn't working, at all). Told my office manager today I will be getting a new phone next week and I'm SO EXCITED!!!

  10. I totally think I've made up my mind. 4S it is gonna be.
    I think.
    Wait. Maybe not.
    GAH! Yes?

  11. the Siri is in my opinion the only reason anyone who has an iphone should get the upgrade. OMG... its a personal assistant in your hand!!!! And the camera is pretty awesome too.

    I currently sport the 3gS and will be doing the full upgrade in a week:-)

  12. I am SOOOO with you on this one! I was anxiously anticipating iPhone 5 and then they unveil 4S! What the??? My husband told me that the 4S is still not 4G like the competition (Sprint with Android) and I'm a little sad about that. I wonder if Apple and AT&T will unveil 5 next year.
    I am torn too but then Siri is calling my name. The camera capabilities alone are enough to make me swoon and buy one. Not to mention that is takes 1080p High Definition videos!!! Who needs a Canon when they have their iPhone 4s???!!
    In the end, I say GO FOR IT!!!! I am. :)

  13. Hi!!!! Not about the iPhone, but I knew I could catch you here, lol! I was wondering if you had thought about the saxophone? We'll pay anything, name your price : )

  14. I have the iphone 4... and after seeing the announcement I don't think I'm going to upgrade since the changes aren't that grand. I love the camera on the 4, it is fast, takes phenominal photos, and I like the look of the 4

  15. I am in the EXACT same boat as you Mama M. My archaic 3G has seen it's last day :(
    I'm excited about the idea of Siri, but I just talked to AT&T and I think I'm gonna get the 4. They new operating system is available for it in a week, so besides Siri and the camera, I'm not sure what the differences are going to be.
    The 5 is gonna be coming out in the next year or so, I can stomach $99 for now, and splurge when the real deal is here!


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