Monday, October 24, 2011

4S vs. 4G...My Decision

Remember when I was floundering about, asking for advice on which phone I should upgrade to? I just know that you've been dying to know what I choose. Pacing the floor, biting your nails, wondering WHAT ON EARTH is taking me so long to tell you?

Right? weren't? You were just going about life normally, without a second thought to which phone I chose? Well, hrmph. Fine then. But I'm gonna tell you anyway.

I debated, I fretted, I weighed this option and that option and this feature and that feature and I asked Twitter, Google, Facebook and my gynecologist for their opinions. (Okay, fine. I'm kidding about the last one. Maybe.)

My baby bro nailed it: "4S. Go big or go home." My next baby bro (iPhone hater that he is) taunted me: "Droid." (He doesn't know what he's missing.) My big bro let me down and didn't help out his baby sister a bit. Not a peep from him. See if I ever ask for his advice again.

In the was Siri that won me over. Siri, the voice command assistant that lives inside my iPhone 4S. She's a doll. Quite hilarious, actually. She'll offer up the meaning of life:

She's witty with a response when I tell her I love her:

Sometimes, she gets confused about what I'm asking her...must be my MinneSOOOOOta accent:

But in the end, she's a nice little helper to have in my pocket.

The camera? LIGHTYEARS better than my old 3G camera. And...AND?! I can finally take video with my new phone! Oh, the memories I'm capturing (please uploading to YouTube of Baby Girl singing...).

I am entirely pleased with my my opinion, VERY worth the extra cashola (50 bucks, I think is what the difference ended up being!)

So there, now you can rest easy, stop pacing, and quit biting your nails. Oh, that's right. YOU WEREN'T.

(Just a quick reminder...will you vote for my SIL in the "Heroic Mom" contest? She deserves this for so many reasons and I would LOVE to hand that check over to her! Our lead isn't anywhere near as large as it was, so I really, really appreciate you taking the time to vote! Thank you!)


  1. Oh I'm jealous! I have the iPhone 4, but I've heard such great things about Siri!

  2. I debated forever as well and also went with the 4S. I came from a blackberry so it's a whole new world to me. My only question is... how on earth do you take screen shots? I think it'd be fun to take a pic of some of the answers Siri gives me but I don't know what I am doing haha!

  3. I got one too and LOVE it and Siri is my hero.

    I also love the voice text ability:-)

  4. Can't wait to meet Siri. I'm on the list...


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