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Real Time...

What a weekend! Flurry of activity...didn't leave me much time for blogging, so here is my "Real Time" Report...

I'm listening to the sound of my now functioning (better than ever) washing machine. Dreading what tomorrow holds, since the washer was down for 5 days.

5 Days of no washer + 7 people wearing clothes = HOLD ME. *whimper*

I just ate (yes, at 9 pm...what would Jillian Michaels say?) my traditional Sunday brunch. Hubby was nice enough to give into my whim of eggs, bacon and hashbrowns when I should've been brushing my teeth and crawling into bed.

Feeling sad, but trying really, really hard to remember it's not about me, that The Pal has chosen to change teachers for religion. It's gonna be hard to not have him, but I respect his comfort level with this subject, so I guess it's gotta be.

It was our school's marathon today, and afterward there were all sorts of fun things to do. My girls got feather extensions and Belle talked me into getting one at the very end of the day. Whaddya think?

Kinda fun, kinda "bird flew into my hair and this is what I have to show for it", huh?
The owners of one of the high end salons in town (whose children attend the school we go to) donated the extensions and their time as a FUN-draiser! I thought it was a great idea...definitely the hottest booth there!

Well, my belly is full. I think it's revolting a bit at being stuffed full at 9 o'clock at night. Ugh. *burp*

I have a fun, cute story to tell you stay tuned!

G'night mates!


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