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When did we become...

A society of negativity? Of people bothered by the success of others?

Why are we so against seeing people succeed...seeing them reap the benefits of hard work, great ideas, and, probably, a little bit of luck?

I live in a small community. As a teenager, I worked for a (previously) small grocery chain. A (previously) small grocery chain that is owned by a family (the Coborn's, look 'em up) and is now a very large, prosperous corporation.

Recently, I heard some people talking about how "the Coborn's own everything...I wish I could shop somewhere else, like Cub". ('Cuz Cub isn't a huge corporation?) There is a small part of me that feels like I was a part of the Coborn success...and I am very proud of (and happy for) the success that they have achieved!

I can say first hand that they are (were? I dunno, I haven't worked there since I graduated from college) a great company to work for and they are extremely generous to the community. Yet people are now negative toward them because of their success.

My husband likes to call it the "you can have it good, but not too good" mentality. Someone can be successful, but they can't be more successful than you.

I see this ALL OVER the blogosphere, too. Posts spewing negativity about this blogger or that...The Pioneer Woman, for example, is one of the ones that gets "picked on". I once read a post in which the author had nothing but bad things to say...I'm paraphrasing, but it was essentially, "how dare she (P-Dub) marry into a rich family, start a successful blog, write a book, blah blah blah when I can't make my house payment" then went on to say she wasn't jealous or envious of her.

Can we not be HAPPY for people when they are successful?

Can we not celebrate with them and cheer them on and support them on their way to success?

Negativity is poison...a bitter, nasty poison that serves no purpose.

I think we could all stand to incorporate more positivity into our lives. To seek out the silver lining, to be happy for the successes of others and to cheer people on on their way to success.

Okay, I'm done now. *steps off soapbox*


  1. YES!!!!! I hope this sooap box is big enough for both of us!!! I think that the person that is spewing negativity is only showing THEIR true colors, not the colors of the person they're talking about. Amen, sista!

  2. LOVE IT! So true! Let's cheer each other on instead of tear each other down. :)

  3. My friend Leann summed it up best I think.

    If people would stopped wanting the grass on the other side of the fence and just water their own, they would have beautiful grass too!

  4. Here here! This is perfectly said :)

  5. I could not agree with you more. Love this post.

  6. Excellent post! I applaud you!

  7. Well said!!! Negativity is such a viral awful thing. One negative person in a bunch can ruin it for everyone, and it will spread like wildfire.

  8. It's especially bad between women, and that's where it ought to be the least. Women should build each other up because we know that it's harder for us. The grass is greener on the other side, but their water bill is probably higher!

  9. Great soap box to climb up on...I use this one frequently myself. A girlfriend of mine just returned from a two-week family vacation. I was delighted that she and her family were able to have this time and amazing experience together, but very sad & frustrated by other's comments about her...sad & jealous comments. Why can't we all just get along?

  10. I have no problem with the success of others, and I love to cheer them on. But when someone builds their "success" on the backs of others or through dishonesty, then I have a problem with that.

  11. VERY WELL PUT! My daughter and I were just talking about this the other day. She and her husband spent a few years each working full time and going to college to become the people/employees they are today. I am VERY proud of them...but they seem to have lost a few friends since they became successful.

  12. I agree with you 100%!! Recently a wealthy business man who has something to do with Facebook games bought one of the most expensive mansions here in the US. The comments people made about him were awful! And one person wrote something to the effect....He spent $XXmillion on this mansion and my sisters house is in foreclosure. Excuse me, but how does his buying that mansion have ANYTHING to do with his sister's house in foreclosure. I just don't get it. I love to see someone succeed who worked hard for the things they have. They seem to appreciate it more and are more generous with their giving to the community. I love what you've written!

  13. o.k. I admit my jealousy. I am so jealous that Marlboro man gets to eat all of that yummy food.

    That's the problem with people. They become crabs pulling everyone down. Who has time to read their whining? I can't stand when my kids whine so I certainly won't waste my time listening to adults with blogs who do.

    Good preaching sister!

  14. Bravo, bravo! Amen!

  15. LOVE THIS POST! Happiness is a choice... I believe if one is unhappy, fix it... or be quiet.

  16. Amen, sister! I quickly unfollow blogs when it dips into the negativity zone and starts drumming up drama. No thankyouverymuch!

  17. Here, here... well said. It always makes me laugh when I read someone (not just in the blogsphere) tearing someone apart and very quickly adding... it's not that I'm jealous. If a blogger bugs you, then stop reading, simple as that. There's no need to spew forth your dislike or dissatisfaction for for the person.

  18. Love this! When I hear of success stories like this I think "man I wish I had thought of that!" ha

  19. I am guilty of this. Not the P-dub thing, I'm happy for her, but I don't read her because I feel inadequate. That's not her fault, it's mine. Anyway, yeah I have a hard time dealing with peers of mine who've gone on to crazy success (one owns an MLB team, one won Top Chef, one slacker loser is now a Hollywood screenwriter). But I realize this is my weakness and I own it. I'm working on it.


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