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Not quite what I planned for today.

Today started out just like any other..."Mama, can you make me eggies?", you know, the usual.

My grandpa had been in the hospital since Saturday with a temp, some confusion, and symptoms of what might be a stroke, so after a lunch out with my mama and my kiddos, we planned to stop up at the hospital for a quick 10 minute visit.

10 HOURS later, I just got home.

I arrived at the hospital with my 4 crazy kids in tow (remember, this was just gonna be a "quick" visit...we didn't want to overwhelm grandpa) and learned from my grandma that she had been told that grandpa had an "intraventricular bleed"...bleeding into the ventricles in his brain.

Our small town hospital is just like any other (most other?) small town hospitals...decent enough care, but lacking the resources of a larger hospital. After talking with my grandma and my aunt, we had decided that grandpa needed to be transferred.

I dashed out to get the Pal, who had been golfing for the afternoon, called the Mr., dropped my brood off at home, and went back to the hospital to wait with my grandma and aunt for the ambulance to come pick up my grandpa.

They arrived, and my aunt and I took off to meet them (grandma rode in the ambulance) at the hospital.

My poor grandpa (who is normally VERY "with it", very sharp, at 82) was so confused and disoriented. So hard to see him acting so unlike himself. A CT scan was repeated at the new hospital, and the radiologist reports that there might be some inflammation (possibly infection) in the brain (along with finding a pretty substantial sinus infection).

Sounds like they are planning on doing a spinal tap tonight, but the nurse practitioner who saw grandpa first (FINALLY! At about 11pm!) needed to talk to the doc she works with to devise a plan. My aunt and I decided that we had done all we could, and took off.

Hoping for more info grandpa could definitely use your prayers.



  1. Sending good thoughts your way. Hugs for you and your family.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandpa. Y'all are in my happy thoughts and prayers :)

  3. You guys are very much in my prayers.

  4. More good thoughts winging your way from Australia - hope everything works out okay

    Cheers, Fi

  5. I lost my grandpa 3 weeks ago and understand what is going on with you and your family. It is hard to see a person go through this. Sending lots of prayers to you and your family.

  6. Praying for your Grandfather!

  7. keeping you and your grandpa in my prayers today!

  8. Praying for your whole family!

  9. Praying for u and ur family.. i hope he will pull out of this :)

  10. Sending my prayers for your grandpa and all your family. xxx


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