Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mid-afternoon Randomness

Hambone, out of the blue, and in complete seriousness, to his brother and sister, "I ate a wormy when I was a little baby." (Which, for the record, he did not. At least, not that I know of.)

*Stunned silence*

E. Dubs, all aghast: "What did it taste like?!"

Hambone: "It was all juicy and yummy!" And he bounds out of the room, leaving his siblings vomiting in their mouths a little.

And that is the end of your mid-afternoon randomness for today.


  1. GRODY!!!!! I think it's hilarious when kids tell random not always true stories. So funny what they come up with!

  2. I teach 2nd grade... I hear it allll the time :)

  3. That's hilarious. Thanks for a good chuckle.

  4. Lmbo. Thanks for the smile. I also think I vomited in my mounth a little :-)

  5. too funny... is he the "jokester" of the fam?! it's so funny the stories thats kiddos come up with!


  6. Got to love those little boys! Too funny!

  7. Yikes! My daughter didn't eat them, but she had a worm family that were her friends. Yep, they lived in our yard and she cared very much about them. Now, at almost 30, she still goes out of her way to save them when she finds them stranded on sidewalks after a rain.

  8. *giggle*
    I found you via a link from a blogger in the Over 40 group.

  9. I did have to eat a worm when I was a kid..I probably didn't HAVE to, but my brother was sitting on me dangling it over me, so, naturally, I felt that I HAD to! It wasn't so juicy and yummy. I believe it ended up back on my brother!

  10. hahahahahahahahahaha....love it. Kids are awesome.
    Conversation with my kid yesterday:
    Glo-Worm: “Mommy! I got a booger for you!” (He holds his hand out with the prize on the tip of his finger)
    The Mommy: “Awww, thanks, but mommy doesn’t want your booger.”
    GW: “Mommy eat booger!”
    TM: “Ewwwwww YUCK! I’m not gonna eat your booger.”
    GW: “You can put it in your pocket for later.”


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