Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Talk at the Supper Table.

Warning: This may not be as funny to you as it was to us. A peek at my husband's sense of humor...I love that man!

Last night at supper, we were having a discussion. It started out by the Pal ratting me out about a comment I made (in jest) about my dear sweet husband. I had told the Pal, while we were driving home from baseball practice, that he needs to teach his brother's to play baseball, 'cuz how else are they going to learn?!

What I meant was, their very well meaning father is not exactly athletically inclined. Yeah, sure, so he's ran marathons and done triathlons and can do one armed push-ups and is in better shape than I can ever dream to be, but he's just not a "pick up a bat and ball and show everyone how it's done" kind of a guy.

I, however, also suck very much so in the athletic area am blessed with a long line of athletic genes...they just don't seem to manifest themselves in me.

So, our conversation went something like this:

The Pal: "Yeah, Mr. W, mom said that I needed to teach the boys to play ball, 'cuz you can't!"

The Mr., feeling hurt, said, "Whaddya mean?!"

I, feeling the need to make sure he knew I was only joking when I said the earlier comment, said, "Well, hon, our boys aren't exactly blessed with a whole of athleticism from us."

To which the Mr. responded, "Well...maybe you're a carrier!!"

*Insert belly laughs, guffaws, and chortles here* Get it? A carrier? Bwahahahaha!!

Hopefully those athletic genes are dominant, and not recessive, 'cuz if our boys need two copies of that athletic gene to exhibit traits, I'm not sure it's gonna happen! (The Mr. isn't as blessed to come from long line of athletic ability. Hard work, fast runners, bodies of steel? Yup. But not so much in the sports department...)


  1. all i can say is if you put our dinner tables together it would be hilarious

  2. I think my husband and yours would get along just fine :)

  3. this most definitely will be a convo at our dinner table some day down the road! dinner table convos are thee best... well i only have one that can talk right now but she's sure to put on a show while the rest of us laugh at her (including her lil sis)! Too cute!


  4. Don't worry, neither my husband nor I exhibit the athletic gene either, but it must be there somewhere since our kids were school record holders, MVPs and such. Amazing how that works sometimes...
    Have a great day!

  5. That IS funny! Brought back fond memories of my son's baseball days. One year, my hubby was umping first base of the season championship game. Our boys lost by one run. Needless to say, hubby had made a (in my opinion) bad call on one of the plays and to this day 25 years later, I am convinced he cost us the game. LOL

  6. I hope my husband gave JDaniel double. I didn't donate any.

  7. My hubby is also not a big athlete by any means. it will be solely up to me if my kids want to get into any sports, lol, which doesn't give them much hope at this point, lol...

  8. Hilarious!!!

    Our kids maybe have a little chance, but so far they have no interest in sports!

  9. Dinner table conversations are the best!


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