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New Addition!!


Yesterday, my wonderful husband came home covered in poop, and since he works in agriculture, this isn't necessarily an unusual happening.

I gingerly planted a kiss on his lips, making sure I don't get to close to the poop, then went about making supper, when he casually mentioned, "We had twins."

Now, WAIT!! Before you go thinking that the stork really does drop of little pink and blue bundles...lemme explain:

THAT is the kind of baby he is referring to. But still...TWINS?! How exciting!

Two girls...two healthy, beautiful, covered in mud and afterbirth and poop, girls.

Only *sniffle* her mama rejected her. Poor, sweet little thing...our kids sure were giving her loads of attention, though. And now (Oh, yay!) it looks like we'll be bringing this sweet little Red to our home to bottle feed until she's good and strong and can rejoin the herd.

(This is the mama with her "favored" twin...see her? The itty bitty thing in the lower right corner?)

(Ag Lesson of the Day: Apparently, when a cow births twins outside, she will often reject the first born. Something to do with the calves being birthed far apart geographically...and, also, maybe that cows have the memory of a gnat and forget that they just pushed out a 70 lb creature from their womb before they pushed out it's 60 lb sibling. Believe you me, no WAY I'd forget something like that., they reject baby #1. Unless it's born indoors, in a smaller space. Weird. Oh, and FYI..."afterbirth" is called "cleanings". Double weird, call it what it is ag dudes. Afterbirth.)

So...little Red needs a name. Any suggestions?

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  1. Oh wow! Very cute! Strange how they'll may reject one. Good luck with your new babies! :)


  2. Oh my goodness.. I don't know if I'm emotional or what lol but that makes me sad, what a mean momma, I had no idea cows did that... and hmmm names? I actually like what you have now, little red :)

  3. Gasp! Aaaw! So so so so cute! I love animals! And it kinda made my heart sink with sadness a little... I look over at my eldest twin and know how utterly much I love her and can't even imagine rejecting her or forgetting her or anything like that... I mean, clearly a people-momma's feelings are way advanced compared to a cow-momma, but still... Aw! And how cool to get to feed cow milk to a cow baby and it be like, totally what you're SUPPOSED to do! Neat!

  4. I didnt know that. I used to see twins with mothers all the time in Colorado. I wonder if other mothers "adopt" the rejects sometimes. Calfs are cute! Name her Besie! LOL I dunno why.

  5. Oh my...seriously though I had no idea. See how you are educating us?

    How about Macy or Darcy?

    that is all

  6. I just had this conversation with a friend this week! Some cows make a good mommy and other's pop it out and stroll on over to the feed bunk, like nothing happened!! My hunny comes home covered in poo 5 out of 7 days! I know how ya feel!! I like little red too!!

  7. Inge and Elsa


    Mabel and Maude

  8. IDK about you, but I think Little Red is going to be a wee bit spoiled :)

  9. Love this!! Perfect Name would be Teya. It's a form of Teyacapan, which means first born. :)

  10. I want red to be named Apple! Since apples(some) are red! I wish I could come bottle feed with y'all! Very cool!

  11. Contests on the twins! How about naming the calf Gala after Gala apples.

  12. Oh my, the calves are so cute!!! I want to pet one too :)

  13. cute. that's from my DD. I grew up on a farm with cows so I was wondering as I read if the birth was indoor or outdoor. spent many hours on horseback in the night searching for rejected firstborn!
    And I was definitely thinking along the "apple" genre for names too. You know "apple of my eye". So I like Mac, or Gala too....course, there is also Red Delicious, so her current name might just be perfect.

  14. I think you have already named her - Little Red! Cute name - and appropriate - what more do you want?

  15. awww...I love little baby calves! I grew up on a farm raising cows, reminds me of my childhood :) I had a red cow I used to milk everyday after I came home from school named Strawberry...I think that would be a cute name for your new calf.

    Good luck and have fun with the little girl!

  16. I knew that, but it's great to see that others can learn about it too!
    What about Ruby, or Cinnabar(brown but more red)?
    You call her red already, and those names are red names :D

  17. How sweet! The first name that came to mind was Ginger. Best of luck with the bottle feeding.

  18. aww how cute. im not good at naming things. hope everything goes well

  19. Scarlet! It's like red... my heart hurts for this little baby!

  20. And... one more thing- please don't name her Ginger. It's personal- but it seems that people only name horses (and now apparently cows), dogs, and STRIPPERS- Ginger.... considering I fit in NONE of these catagories- I don't think Ginger is the best name for her. Maybe Paprika! LOL

    Please... on 'offense' intended- Monica! :)

  21. How awesome is that!!!!

    Love it!

  22. I like Lil' Red as her name!

  23. Gorgeous! Love the bottle babies.
    What's her mom's name? We usually start with the dam when looking to name a heifer. If that doesn't matter, I suggest Cherry.

  24. Awww poor baby cow!! bless you for taking her in. I also learned lots about cows from this post lol


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