Sunday, April 24, 2011

In Real Time...

Just finished watching Shrek 4 with my Baby Girl...she was incredibly snuggly, and I soaked it up!!

Feeling blessed...had a wonderful Easter with family. A gorgeous day (with plenty of pics tomorrow), amazing food, and incredible company.

I'm waiting for my Benadryl to kick in...slept like poo last night, so hoping that I get in a good night's sleep tonight. Completely DREADING my disaster of a home and what I need to do to get it back in order.

Oh dear. I do believe the Benadryl is kicking in...I can't form a coherent thought anymore!

I do have one last grandpa was admitted to the hospital yesterday (no, not the "Pot Plant" grandpa). Not sure what's wrong with him; fevers, disoriented, weak...he could definitely use some prayers!

God Bless you all on this joyful Easter Sunday!!


  1. Hope your grandfather gets better soon!


  2. I read this last night from my phone, but wanted to come this morning and check on Grandpa. I hope and pray he is okay and can come home soon.

  3. Glad you had nice weather. It's been pouring here for days... thinking an ark will be necessary soon. I'll say some prayers for your Grandpa.


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