Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wise Words from the Mama...

Men...you need to turn your pretty little heads around and leave.

This post is NOT for you.

No sir, it, most definitely, is not.


Get lost.



Okay, now...ladies! Listen up...

I have discovered one heckuva trick! You are gonna thank me like you've never thanked someone before!

I know just how to get your man to do his "Honey Do List"!

It happened by accident, but, geepers, is it effective!

It all started, oh...say...a year ago.

When I noticed that it took for-EVER to dry one lousy load of laundry in our dryer.

I timed it recentlyish (oh, probably before Christmas) and discovered for-EVER to mean no less than 3 hours.

3 freakin' hours!!!!!! to dry one load of clothes?!

How big is YOUR carbon footprint?

Anywho, I mentioned it to the mister. Then I strongly mentioned it. Then I simply flat out asked for it to be remedied...then...I tweeted about it, and heard from @kermitslav that either our heating element was out or our dryer duct was clogged.

I wagered my bets on the latter.

Our dryer vent is no less than 74 feet long. Give or take 60 feet.

So, I hounded my man. And pestered...and nagged (yes...I succumbed to the old nag). He checked it out one day, declared it was fine, then confessed he only checked the part that comes right out of the dryer.

I told him we needed to take it apart.

He told me he had better things to do.

I told him we MUST take it apart.

He started cleaning toilets.

So, I thought..."the heck with ya then"...and I dug in...and here comes my trick!!

I discovered...that if you start a "man's job"...he can't help himself but to come and do it!

I was working on it for oh, I dunno...0.08 seconds when he came to see what I was doing. Wasn't long before he started "helping"...and soon, I was able to wiggle my way right out the door!

My big boy even helped...and soon, we had unclogged (and by we I mean they...and by unclogged I mean scraping the sides of the ducts 'cuz it was STUCK on!!) 4,398 pounds of lint from our ducts.

Do you have any idea how much lint that is?

It was unreal...and I'm sad I didn't take photos of the final lint collection...course, it was all over the place...some in a bag, some outside the door, some strewn willy nilly all over the shop floor, before we got smart to empty it directly into bags....

It was like our dryer vent threw up down there.

Er...ah...well, I guess it kinda did.

And, know what?

I dried clothes today.

In less than an hour.

ONE freakin' hour, baby!!!

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