Thursday, March 4, 2010

Giselle called...

And, apparently...she wants her body back.


She feels that I wrongly took it from her...and so, she tells me she would like me to promptly return it.

I tried to bargain,

"Can I keep your awesome arms?"

Giselle, "No dice."

"How 'bout your fab abs?"

Giselle, "Cough 'em up girl."

"Please, oh please, let me keep your boobs."

Giselle, "Need 'em to feed the babe. Nope."

"Legs? Can I keep your never ending, incredibly fit legs?"

Giselle, "And leave me with those stubs of yours? No way."

"Hair? Pretty please, the hair?!"

Giselle, "Ha! Nevah!!!"


I cried, I pouted, I threw a temper tantrum of epic no avail.

Girl wouldn't budge.'s back to saddle bags and love handles for me. My Giselle dream body is gone.

Poof...just like that.

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