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Golden Rule

I've found myself thinking about the Golden Rule a lot lately.

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Like, a lot, a lot.

There have been some instances, recently, that have made me think, "really? Is this really how we treat one another?"

Instances that are everything from petty stuff like websites devoted to bringing down and "exposing" big bloggers, to more serious things like abuse and just makes me sad that people act this way.

I simply feel, that there is a respectful and kind way to treat all people. No question in my mind...all of the world's problems would be solved if we could ALL live by the Golden Rule (okay...perhaps not all problems, but "pert near"!!).

Now, please know that I'm not just talkin' about MckMama and her blog drama...I've seen some pretty rotten stuff said about The Pioneer Woman (and what the heck's not to like about her?!!!), and then, of course, there's Dooce, who monetized her "hate" for a bit...

But, c'mon people!

Agree or disagree, like or dislike, why do some people feel the need to be harsh and petty and judgemental?

It boggles my mind.

It hurts my heart.

It troubles my soul.

I am trying to teach my kiddos the value...the importance, of the Golden Rule..."Do unto others as you would have others do unto you" is huge to me.

Incredibly significant.

Just take a minute, and consider the amazing changes that would happen if we would all be kind (truly kind) and honest and treat each other the way we all want to be treated!!

It would be amazing!

Think about the impact this would have on our Nation...heck, on the world, if humankind would practice the Golden Rule.

No wars, no terrorism, no abuse, no theft, no racism, no name calling or acting out against someone or tearing people down.

We would have no problems with bullying in our schools.

No greedy CEO's.

We would live in a world where our kids could watch the nightly news without getting a glimpse of horror.

We could go back to an "old fashioned" lifestyle...a way of life that includes bringing cookies to new neighbors, letting our kids stay out 'til dark, and helping out people in need.

Things we should all be doing anyway...dontcha think?!

I do.

I hope and I pray that I can teach my children by example...and show them the rewards of practicing the Golden Rule.


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