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A DIY I was NOT gonna attempt...

Remember my advice a little while ago?

About how to get your hubby to accomplish his "Honey-Do" list?

Yeah, I stand firm in the little trick I talked about.


I've learned that some jobs just can't be "started", if you know what I mean.

I thought about starting this one, trying to "light a fire" under the Mr.'s butt...but then...well, then common sense walked by and smacked me upside the head.

This was not a job for moi.

See...we have this tub? The one and only bathtub in our house...which had been clogged with who knows what for, oh, I dunno...

'Bout a year.

Our kids had gotten used to taking showers...since the bathtub had become a drowning hazard when it took days upon days upon days to drain. (No lie...well, okay...slight exaggeration...I get that from my dad.)

I'd been asking (kindly, sweetly, lovingly...of course) the Mr. to fix the dang thing, but it seemed there was always something more pressing to accomplish (like cleaning gutters, sweeping the garage, rearranging his tools...).

I had to get out the cattle prod, leave a trail of Reese's Pieces, promise things I can't talk about here...and low and behold, he finally did it! Wanna know what was down in "that thar drain"?

A freakin' toybox!!

Yes...our bathtub drain had become a toybox.

Here, I'll show you...


Sludge from drain (*gag*...ugh, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit):

And, the myriad of toys that had somehow gotten lodged in the drain:

Here they are...all lined up, criminal style:

Funny thing, is our E.W. was all excited when "he" found his Legos!

I've decided upon it appears our bathtub drain can also "choke", I'm now adopting the "empty toilet paper roll" rule for bathtub toys!

If it fits in the TP roll, it gets axed as a tub toy!


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