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Pregnancy Cravings...and Pica

Okay my friends...this is where you might decided I'm certifiably crazy, declare me a nut job weirdo, and wash your hands of me...but, I've gotta level with you. Honesty, it's the best policy (or something...).

You know...pregnancy cravings? We all have 'em (had 'em)...pickles, ice cream, lemon drops, homemade know. All the "normal" stuff.

And then there was me.

Weird, abnormal, nut job me.

Oh, I had some weird cravings..."sauces" (aka "dip"), liquids, homemade (from scratch) cookies...but (no judging now...) that's not what's so odd.

No...what's odd, is that I craved things that would make people's jaw drop when they found out. They'd blush...giggle...and then ask me if I'm serious. To which I respond...

"You betcha, baby!"

I'm kind of a "legend" to some people. At lunch break at work one day, people were talking about pregnancy cravings. Someone started to say, "Hey, I heard of someone who craved (voice trails off)...", then...the room got quiet.

Eyes got big. Heads turned to me..."Wait...that was YOU, wasn't it?!!!"

Yuppers. That was me. Moi. Yours truly.

And...wanna know what I craved? smell of gasoline made me have a reaction not too unlike Meg Ryan's scene in "When Harry Met Sally".


(Google Images)

Put me in a garage, and I was in heaven. Mmmmm...rubber, sheetrock, dirty tires, oil, gasoline...all mixed into one delicious smell. I was content to just sit in garages all day...smelling that amazing smell.

Random pregnant girl in your garage? Probably me...don't worry tho...I wasn't stealing your tools. Nope, I was just licking your tires (joking!).

Let me reassure you, that never once did I indulge in my cravings!! During one of my pregnancies, the road outside of our house was torn up...and there wafted the lovely smell of fresh dirt through my windows. Day...and...night.

It was amazing.

My hubby was convinced that he was gonna come home to find me sitting in the middle of the road, with a spoon and a wacked out crazy "gotta get my dirt fix" look on my face! Sheesh...I have more control than THAT!

I would've at least gotten a bowl.

I kid!! I KID!

Now...I know that there was probably some underlying micro nutrient deficiency that was rearing it's ugly head (and, you can rest assured that I did NOT talk to my doctor about this! Bah!! How embarrassing!!), but I had it all under control.

Oh yes, did I ever!! There was one thing that satisfied my weird know, other than walking the tire section at WalMart...wanna know?

Dark Chocolate.

(Google Image, again.)

Yum. those of you that crave pickles mixed in with your ice cream...consider yourself more normal than me!!

And for all of you "pica"'re not alone!

We can have our dirt...and eat it too!

(Okay, nevermind. Scratch NOT eat the dirt!)


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