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Five Question Friday! 1/4/13

The first 5QF of the New Year...WELCOME! I had a late night glitch with the linky site I normally use, so you'll find a different linky widget today! Let me know what you think!

I'm off work until NEXT Friday...yay! Love this extra time with my family. Only, we probably won't be going anywhere, since the nation is currently shedding the influenza (I said that for you, Kate) virus like crazy. Time to hunker down and stay well!

Anyway, how about we get this party started?

Welcome to Five Question Friday!! You've come to the right place if you want a fun, easy post or if you've suddenly discovered your muses are busy enjoying their new SoundDock.

Rules for 5QF: Copy and paste the following questions to your blog post, answer them, then watch for the linky post to appear Friday morning and LINK UP!

Oh, and remember (pay close attention...this is the important one)...HAVE FUN!

Questions for Friday, December 28th: (Special thanks to Stephanie (@stephanielex) fromOn My Mind, Pam (@trooppetrie) from Troop Petrie, and Kate (@katieb38) from Kate's Life
 for these 5QF question suggestions! I would love to link you in a future 5QF, so come on over to my community or watch for my Thursday afternoon shout out for questions on Twitter and offer up your best question suggestions! Remember to @5crookedhalos me and use hashtag #5QF if you go the Twitter route!)

1. Have you set any goals/resolutions for 2013?

2. Have you made any travel/vacation plans for 2013?

3. What room is never cleaned in your house?

4. What food must be in your house at all times?

5. Are you a hugger or more of a hands off person?


1. Have you set any goals/resolutions for 2013?
Not really, no. Resolutions are made to be broken and broken resolutions make me feel like a failure, so I just avoid the whole mess all together by just avoiding the whole dang thing.

Well, that's not really true. Kinda, but not totally...I make quiet little suggestions to myself (suggestions, because if they fall through, no pressure. See how that works?) in ways I could better myself:
Be more patient.
Be a better advocate for my kids.
Be a better wife.
Be a better housekeeper.
Be a better friend.
Be a better Catholic.

That kind of stuff. Ways I can improve in generic, not at all specific, heaven forbid should I make myself stick to something, kind of goals.

2. Have you made any travel/vacation plans for 2013?

None. Not a single one.

Well, I take that back...we're gonna be doing a cabin rental with my side of the family, but no travel involved.

I flew twice in 2012 which is approximately 2 times more than I fly every 5 years. It took years off my life.

I hate flying. I'm not a big "vacationer" in the sense that I need to get the heck out of dodge every year...I'm kind of a homebody and don't like being away from my kids and, really, I'd rather spend my money on something like, oh, say, a new bathroom that I'll have forever vs. a vacation I'll have for 7 days, you know?

And now you think I'm crazy, dontcha?

3. What room is never cleaned in your house?

This is the worst sleep hygiene answer's our bedroom. I know, I know, your bedroom is supposed to be your zen place...clean, tidy, relaxing.

Mine is the opposite. Cluttered, messy catchall that it is. And, for whatever reason, we always have an odd assortment of baby dolls, Legos, books, and Nerf paraphernalia laying around.

Crazy thing is, I don't recall ever playing with those items, so how they got into our room? I'll never know. 

Dang kids.

Rules, I know. They must be made and once they are made they must be enforced.

That's it. From here on out, I declare my room to be a TOY FREE ZONE!!

You hear that, kids? TOY FREE!


(I'll let you know how that goes.)

4. What food must be in your house at all times?

You mean, besides ketchup?

Miracle Whip. ;)

Yeah, I enjoy my condiments, what can I say?

5. Are you a hugger or more of a hands off person?

I'm a hugger. Sometimes I'm an awkward hugger wherein I'll contemplate a hug just a fraction of a second too long and then go for it anyway and then I feel like it's forced...but rest assured, if I'm hesitating on a hug, it's not 'cuz I don't like hugs, it's 'cuz I'm trying to judge your huggability.

Are you gonna go all awkward on me if I hug you or will you, like my cousin Katie and my friend Angela, go all in and envelop me in the most glorious hugs known to man?

Seriously. Those two girls are the best huggers I've ever met. Just one hug from them and you non-huggers will be converted instantly. 

So, if we ever meet in person, please hug me...a warm, friendly hug and we'll be instant friends.

Deal? Deal.


And now, I wish you all a very merry weekend! My goal is to get my bathroom tour and some "after" photos taken so I can FINALLY show you my bathroom! It makes me happy. And proud. :) 


  1. we have CASES of ketchup because if we run out there would be a war

  2. I completely relate to the hesitated awkward hug thing!

  3. Your answers sound much like myself! I flew last year-the first time in over 20 years-and I cried and prayed when we took off. My daughter made a video imitating me, since my family got a kick out of my terror! lol And my room is my catch-all right now because we moved to a house about a thousand square feet smaller than my previous home, and there is almost no storage space at all! Oh well....
    Have a great weekend!
    Glad you had a nice 2012, with wonderful events to bless your year.
    Happy 2013! =)

  4. Totally understand the hug thing! I often wonder how they'll be received, or if a "real" hug is socially acceptable for the situation.

  5. Oh yeah, I forgot ketchup too...Dino would kill me if there was no ketchup...though I prefer BBQ sauce.

  6. Great post would love to have the html for linky:)

  7. I'm so happy to know I'm not the only person in the world that can't keep up with the toys that take over my bedroom - though my biggest issue is my own clothing. Whoops!

  8. Yeah no ketchup is a crime in our house. I swear they drink that stuff up in our house.

  9. We appear to have the same problem with bedroom clutter. And I completely agree on the hugging. Some people give off nonhugging vibes and its hard to know whos who sometimes. :)

  10. No real resolutions. I dont believe in waiting for a New Year to try to be a better person. I need to be better all the time for my wife and kids. I do like setting the personal goal reminders though. Travel Plans, I wait for Tracy to tell me we are going somewhere. Im a hugging person. I will just go up to random people on the street and hug them and tell them I love them. Yes its weird but it makes their day. Ok I really dont do that but maybe I should

  11. When you come to Michigan this summer, I'll totally hug ya!

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    Two years ago I was once an avid blogger. Things just went a little haywire, and I ended up neglecting my poor blog. Now the new year has come, I'm motivated to blog once again. However, one thing that I certainly missed from blogging were the Friday Five. I'm so happy you do these Friday Fives. :D

  14. HAHA! Your answer to the hugging question cracked me up - i so relate! I am a hugger, but sometimes hesitate b/c i'm not sure if they are a hugger! HA!

    It's awkward when i do that hesitation thing...

    I heart Miracle Whip. :)

  15. I'm linking up for the first time and look forward to linking up each week. Wish you a happy 2013. Thanks for hosting.

  16. yep the hug or not to hug is awkward but when you get that awesome hug ohhhh heaven, our pastors wife is one of those huggers that just make you want to never let go, it sold us on going to church there for the last 2 years, all in that welcome hug!
    I was a condiments girl but one year I made a resolution to cut back on un-necessary calories...ok this was baby steps on losing condiments, tsp. sugar in the tea, butter on the bread etc. were cut out and I can tell you I survived and do not miss them all that much.... it did help that I made up for their calories with an extra hand full of M & M's or instead of a sliver of pie I have a whole piece now because I ate dry bread LOL
    Have a super weekend need to get my five done :)

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