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Mama and her Bose.

Near the beginning of the Christmas season, I was lamenting that the only source of Christmas music we have in our "not very AV savvy" home was an old under the counter (single) CD player that was a gift "pre-iPhone" era and didn't have any docking/USB access. 

So, we rotated through a variety of Christmas DVD's we had, and as much as I love my Nitty Gritty Christmas, you know you've listened to it too much when you start singing the next song on the disc before it even starts.

I began to wish I had some sort of docking station so that when I was wrapping presents in my living room, I wasn't listening to a muffled version of a too oft played Christmas CD coming from the kitchen.

Enter: Sam's Club and my happening by a Bose SoundDock. The quality of the sound coming from that little speaker set made me dream of a steady stream of my favorite Christmas music pouring from the Christmas playlist on my iPhone. I mentioned to my mom and my husband that I had found a new "must have" item and began to imagine where I'd put that little lovely.

Fast forward to Christmas Eve morn, when we were opening presents with my sweet little family. The kids excitedly handed me my present, and I opened it, wondering what it could be. When I opened a "SoundFreaq" speaker dock, I was pleased, but still slightly hopeful that perhaps that sweet little Bose was waiting for me under the tree at my parent's. 

Hey, a girl can hope, right?!

So, when I got to open a present marked for the Mr. and I that was about the right size...I was slightly giddy, but not too much so, 'cuz I didn't want to hurt the Mr. and the kids' feelings. And that package? My coveted Bose. *swoon*

Next up? Dilemma...the Soundfreaq was Bluetooth enabled, the Bose? Not so.

First thing I did Christmas morn, was hook up that Soundfreaq...I wanted to give it a fair chance, and I loved that it had Bluetooth, which meant I could listen to my Christmas music AND tweet at the same time. :) The music started and I thought, "Huh. Not half bad! Maybe this'll be fine!"...and then I hooked up the Bose and docked my phone.

(Note: The innards are much less visible than this phone photo shows!)

I played the Bose and choirs of angles sang. I played the Soundfreaq and scratched my head. I played the Bose and a glowing light emanated from it (okay, so that was just in my head). I played the Soundfreaq and wrinkled my nose. Quickly, I googled "Bluetooth adapter" and discovered that I could have my Bose AND Bluetooth too!

I called for the Mr. to come and judge for himself...I had made my decision, hands down, which one sounded best, but I wanted him to hear the difference for himself. He came up, and I first played the Soundfreaq...then the Bose (his forehead wrinkled a bit)...then the Soundfreaq...then the Bose (his nose scrunched up a bit)...and he said, "Wow. I didn't realize there'd be such a difference!".

I promptly packaged up the Soundfreaq for return and placed my Bose in it's new home...where it's been playing a steady stream of "Jack Johnson Holiday" on Pandora ever since.

Here's the other thing...that Bose speaker? It came with a little letter, encouraging me (or you know, whoever buys it) to compare the sound of a Bose to other speakers. That nothing will compare. And you know what?

It's the ding dang truth.

If you're looking for a new speaker dock, I highly (highly, highly, HIGHLY) recommend the Bose SoundDock. Did I mention I HIGHLY recommend it?

You can thank me later.

(PS...I am not anywhere near important enough for Bose to even notice my existence, so, what I'm saying is, this ain't no paid advertisement! I'm just in love with my new speaker dock!)


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