Monday, January 14, 2013

Mama Flashback

For whatever reason, I was going through photos on our external hard drive, when I stumbled upon a few pictures that made me want to grab my 7 year old boy and snuggle him right up.

Haven't seen these pictures in ages...dumped them onto the hard drive after our old Dell made me fearful of losing them all, and promptly forgot about them!

Have a little look:

The last one is like a glimpse right to the future Hambone! That is a look we still see today!


  1. I did that not long ago, sat down and went through everyone of my kids baby pictures and was surprised at the memories for each one that flooded back in, I guess some things you just never forget.

  2. Love all of the pictures, but that first one - it has SOOOO much character in his expression - LOVE IT!

  3. Such a cute little smile!!! Adorable.

  4. Ah!! I know what you mean. Old photos are so much fun.

  5. That first pic is the BEST! Love that look!

  6. I love looking through my pics of my kiddos when they were little. It reminds me of how sweet they can be!!

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