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So, you wanna see the bathroom remodel?

Well, okay then!

The week before Christmas, the hubster and I were fervently finishing up last minute details on the bathroom. Here's something you prolly don't know about me...when I'm on a roll with something, I don't wanna stop. Like, ever.

So, many nights, around 1:30 am, my husband would look at me with glossed over eyes and plead, "Can I please go to bed now?" and I, like a wound up puppy dog, would run circles around him, "But can't we finish the toilet? Can't we put up the lights? Can we install the doors? What about the mirror? Please???? Just the mirror????" and he'd yawn, rub his eyes and crawl into bed, while I stood there admiring the progress and just wanting to finish it all in one night.

Anyway, got it done, we did! And I am absolutely, positively, in love with it. So far, the only thing "different" I would do, is to add some more outlets. Outlets in a bathroom? I know, but there've been a few times when I've been all "I really wish there was an outlet there so I could (insert totally unnecessary task here)."

Now, let me show you around:

Some of my favorites in still photo form:

This light fixture...totally up my alley, a little industrial, not at all frou and frou and not a "boob light". What's a "boob light" you say? Well, you know those flush to the ceiling dome light fixtures with a "knob" in the center that looks like nipple if you look at it from below? Yeah, I've always thought they look like boobs and from here on out, I'll never be able to own one. Here is a visual of a boob light. You're welcome.

Hard to get a good photo of the fixture, though...too hard to see with it on, not enough light with it off...

Next up, our "mosaic"...I love this trim. The color, the little bit of "pizazz" that it adds. Nice, warm neutral tones but spices it up enough that it's not ho-hum.

The floor pattern...sorry, my 50mm lens wouldn't let me get a bigger part of the floor to show you! I'll try to swap this photo out for a better one later today. Anyway, we did a "hopscotch" pattern on the floor and I am over the moon happy with how it turned out. Breaks it up enough to make it look just a little different without being "busy"...and this is a small bathroom.

Another horrible photo, but our new vanity. Again, neutral, warm but has just a hint of sparkle to it to jazz it up!

I'll try and do some before and after pics is really quite the transformation when you see it side by side! 


  1. I now feel the urge to piddle...

    Beautiful bathroom!


    PS: love love love your accent

  2. Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love the new bathroom. Makes me want to redo ours.

  4. So happy for you to have your new bathroom finished! It is really nice!!! I know how it is to be anxious for things to get done...and I am always begging my hubby to finish projects...but he always has his "reasons" why we can't hurry the process! Ha!

    Anyway...ENJOY the is awesome!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  5. Thanks for the tour! I think your bathroom looks great! I do love the color of the tiles. It gives the bathroom a touch of class and elegance. And the choice of the tiles and the countertop give the bathroom a much-needed texture.



  7. I wondered to see the idea of adding boob light. Eagerly waiting to see some more pictures.

  8. I am really lucky to see these bathroom remodeling videos.Love it

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  10. Thank you for sharing the video tour of your bathroom. What I noticed about your bathroom is that you have a lot of storage, which is a good thing if you have a lot of stuff you want to keep. Plus, the partition between the sink vanity and the shower is pretty smart. I like it! ->Randell Jeffries

  11. I love th choice of tile you guys went with, the sandstone look gives your bathroom the perfect Rest and Relaxation atmosphere between the natural color as opposed to something bright like white.

    -Long Island Shower Doors

  12. your bathroom picture are so fabulous and thanks for share all Remodeling a Small Bathroom ideas.your video tour of your bathroom is so interesting.

  13. That tour was amazing and gorgeous! Your new bathroom really looks great because all the elements seem to work cohesively with each other. If you don't mind me asking, how long did it take to finish your new bathroom? Thanks for sharing! I love how the cabinets are well-placed.

    Lida Swisher @ Waddle Exteriors


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